Allied Express Account

Get your loved ones to open an Allied Express account. You can now receive foreign remittances, with complete peace of mind.

You can now receive foreign remittances, with complete peace of mind. Just intimate your account number to your overseas relatives and friends, enabling them to remit directly into your current account.

Allied Express Account is an easy and hassle free account for the Home Remittance Benefices .This account provides you relief in receiving your money without having to go to the bank’s branch.

  • No requirement of initial balance or to maintain minimum balance
  • This account is fed through remittance received from abroad. No other credit is allowed in this account
  • No Zakat deduction
  • No withholding tax deductions on cash withdrawals through country-wide ATMs or by cheque of any amount, at any branch counter
  • Free ATM/Debit Card issuance
  • Free Cheque Book (10-Leaves)
  • 24/7 Phone Banking, SMS Banking, and Internet Banking
  • Automatic instant credit of Foreign Inbound Remittances directly to this account

Additional Benefits

  • Safe handling of inward remittances received with option to withdraw partially
  • Availability of Banking Services during non-banking hours and on public holidays using ATM / Debit Cards through ATMs, POS and Internet Banking
  • Payments through Cross Cheques and counter payments
  • Issuance of Allied Banker’s Cheque
  • Hassle-free remittance collection through ATMs (no forms filling, wait at branch counters)
  • Record of all inward remittances maintained in Bank Statement that can serve the beneficiary in many ways, including Visa Application and Bank Credit Line etc.