Current Account

This account is suitable for customers looking for a simple bank account for day to day transactions. With Allied Bank’s Current Account, you get all the usual advantages and features of a regular current account for all your daily transactions, frequent payments and flow of funds.

Allied Bank’s Pakistani Rupee-based non-remunerative Current Account perfectly suits your banking.

More Than 0.5 Million Customers Have Their Current Accounts In Allied Bank

Interest Free
Monthly Service Charges
(only if minimum monthly average balance falls below Rs. 25,000/-
Rs. 50/-
Online Banking through Allied Bank Branches
Cash Withdrawal Within City: Free
Inter City:
Upto Rs.500,000
0.05% or Min Rs.250/-
Rs.500,001 to Rs.1,000,000
0.075% or Min Rs.375/-
Above Rs.1,000,000
0.10% or Min Rs. 1,000/-
Maximum Rs. 3,000/-
Cash Deposit Within City: Free
Inter City:
Upto Rs.500,000
0.05% or Min Rs.250/-
Rs.500,001 to Rs.1,000,000
0.075% or Min Rs.375/-
Above Rs.1,000,000
0.10% or Min Rs.1,000/-
Max Rs.3,000/-
Account to Account Transfer Within City: Free
Inter City: 0.05% or Min Rs. 250/
Max Rs.2,000/
Online Banking (Funds Transfer) through Automated Channels
ABL to ABL Account Through ATMs: Rs. 50/-
Through Allied Direct: Rs. 10+FED
ABL to Other 1LINK Member Bank Account Through ATMs: Rs. 100/-
Through Allied Direct: Rs. 100+FED
Purchase transactions on POS machines Free
Download the latest Schedule of Charges for more information on fee

All charges are subject to change.

Other Features

  • Free of cost issuance of first cheque book of 10 leaves
  • Allied Bank Current Account offers host of free services on maintaining daily minimum balance of Rs. 500,000 or above in month:
    • Free Online Cash Deposit and Withdrawal
    • Free Online Account to Account transfers
    • Free Online Clearing collection by Remote Branch
    • Free Online Balance Enquiry
    • Free Online Printing of Statement of account
    • Free Manual Remittances for Account to Account transfer only & Issuance of DD/TT/PO/ABC/OBC/ Express Collection/Call Deposit Receipt by debit to the Account only from parent branch only
  • No joining fee. Annual fee for the issuance of Allied Cash+Shop Visa Debit Card is to be recovered in advance
  • Allied Direct Internet Banking access on Personal Computer and Mobile



You get 24 hour, 365 day access to cash from any ATM throughout the country as well as overseas with Allied Cash+Shop Visa Debit Card. You can also deposit cash or cheques at the Cash Deposit Machines installed in various cities and transfer money between your Allied Bank accounts.


You can pay for clothes, petrol, groceries or eating out using your Allied Cash+Shop Visa Debit Card on a POS machine. Over 50,000 outlets throughout Pakistan accept POS.

Allied Phone Banking

You can pay bills, transfer funds and get account balances simply by picking up your registered phone and calling our toll free number 0800-22522.

Allied Direct Internet Banking

You can pay bills, transfer funds, pay cash to anyone in Pakistan, order your cheque book, get account balances and statements at your convenience through Allied Direct – Internet Banking. The service is smart enough to recognize your access channel and convert the website into a lighter version for mobile phones.

Branch Banking

You can have transactions handled by our staff at your nearest branch. To locate Allied Bank’s branch in your region, click here.

To open your Account with us

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