Debit Card Issuance Campaign

The Bank is continuously working on improving debit card base and its features, in collaboration with international and local payment schemes including but not limited to Visa, Unified Payment Interface (UPI) and PayPak to serve its customers with more diversified, reliable and secure services. Customer card requirement varies mostly in relation to their income and banking needs; therefore, ABL aim has always been to provide a debit card service for each customer segment tailored to meet their lifestyle.

Campaign Period: 12th Jan 2021 to 15th March 2021 (both days inclusive)

Targeted Segment: Existing Account Holders Only 


  • Issuance of Debit Card to existing regular account holder currently having ‘no’ debit card.
  • Re-issuance/Re-applying of Debit Card to existing regular account holder currently having a debit card in dormant (hot) state.
  • Debit cards will be eligible for reward calculation where annual fee has been deducted during the campaign period as per schedule of charges

Reward: Win a cash back of Rs. 25,000. Winner will be announced after balloting.


  • Prepaid cards are not part of the campaign.
  • Debit card variants with reduced fee or fee waivers shall not be eligible for the campaign. List of products where annual is waived;
    • Allied Senior Citizen-Regular (first year annual fee is waived only)
    • Allied Bharosa Account (first year annual fee is waived only)
    • Allied Express (annual fee is waived for life)
    • Salary Management Account (first year annual fee is waived)

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1.       Who are eligible for the debit card campaign?

    Only existing account holders are eligible for the purpose of this campaign.

    2.       What type of card may be applied?

    Any debit card may be applied to be a part of this campaign, however, debit card with reduced fee or fee waivers would not be eligible.

    3.       What if the customer has a blocked debit card?

    Customers with blocked card can also re-apply for a new card and can participate.

    4.       How the winners would be selected?

    Winners would be selected through balloting.

    5.       When would be campaign ending?

    Campaign has started on 12 Jan 2021 and will be ending on15 March 2021.