Allied Aitebar Premium Account

A Shariah compliant banking solution for higher saving customers particularly for high net-worth individuals, business entities, pension / benevolent funds, Govt. / semi-Govt. bodies which is based on Mudharabah. This account will be operated like normal chequeing accounts on profit / loss sharing basis.

  • Salient Features


    1. Account will be operated based on the mode of “Mudharabah” with no minimum balance requirement for profit calculation and no account maintenance charges.

    2. Account can only be opened in local currency i.e. Pak Rupee Only.

    3. Profit calculated on Daily balance.

    4. Profit or Loss will be shared on monthly basis.

    5. Multiple slabs account.

    Amount – PKR

     0 – 499.9k

     500k – 2.49m

     2.5m – 10.0m

    10m –  24.99m

     25m –  49.99m

     50m –  74.99m

     75m –  99.99m

    100m – 199.99m

    200m – 499.99m

     500m & above

    6. No charges will be recovered at the time of closing the account.

    7. No restriction on number of transaction and amount of deposit / withdrawals.

    8. Initial deposit amount will be required Rs. 500,000/- and above.

    9. The Bank will utilize all such deposits as per the policy in Shariah compliant modes of financing / investments.

    10. Online banking services available at the Bank’s entire network.

    11. 24/7 access to account through Allied Phone Banking.

    For more information about the account, you can visit your nearest Allied Bank Islamic Banking Branch or call our Allied Phone Banking Services at 111-225-225.