Allied Islamic Khalis Munafa Account

A Shari’ah compliant banking solution for higher saving customers, which is based on ‘Mudaraba’ Contract.

Allied Islamic Khalis Munafa Account will be operated like normal chequing accounts on profit / loss sharing basis.

  • Salient Features

    1. Saving Accounts will be operated based on the mode of Mudaraba with No Minimum balance requirement.
    2. Profits or Loss will be shared on monthly basis or as may be decided / declared from time to time at the discretion of the Bank.
    3. No charges will be recovered at the time of closing the account.
    4. The Bank will utilize all such remunerative deposits as the Bank may deem appropriate in Shariah compliant modes of financing / investments.
    5. Free or against charges (at parent / remote branch), following value added services may be offered to account holder(s) at the discretion of the Bank. However the Bank reserves the right to offer such services based on the criteria approved by the Bank from time to time and specified in the Schedule of Bank Charges.
    6. No restriction on number of deposit / withdrawal transactions.
    7. Eligible for following as per the Bank’s discretion:
      • Online banking services available at the Bank’s entire network
      • Globally accepted Allied Cash plus Shop Visa Debit Card / ATM Card
      • Access to myABL Internet Banking
      • 24/7 access to account through Allied Phone Banking
      • SMS Alert service on transactions
      • Facility of foreign remittances through the following accounts:
        • Foreign currency
        • Local currency, to the extent of amount allowed by State Bank of Pakistan only for certain categories such as for student’s fee, medical charges, travel expense etc

  • Additional Features

    1. Account can only be opened in local currency.
    2. Initial deposit amount: Rupees 1,000 or as approved by the Bank from time to time.
    3. Profit will be shared monthly on the basis of average balance maintained during the month in different tiers as announced from time to time at the discretion of the Bank whereas the loss will be shared in proportion to the contributed funds utilized in any specific pool.
    4. Account tiers will be approved by MANCO from time to time.