Anmol Rishtay

Your Biggest Responsibility Assured

Dreams are Very Precious

You have provided for the best possible education, a virtuous upbringing and fulfilled your child’s dreams so far. You aspire to give them the best when it’s time for their wedding and like every parent, you also desire to fulfill their most cherished dream.

Allied Bank, with EFU Life Assurance Ltd, introduces “Anmol Rishtey”, a Marriage Savings Plan that helps you meet the expenses of your child’s most important day.


  • Marriage Support Bonus
  • Freedom to customize
  • 14 Day Free-Look Period
  • Fund Acceleration Premium (FAP)

Built-in Benefits

  • Accidental Death and Disability Benefit upto Rs.5,000,000
  • Continuation Benefit
  • Engagement Bonus

Will your Savings Suffice?

You are a loving and responsible parent but are you sure your savings for her big day will suffice? Is your hard earned money working as hard as you? Are you sure that with the rising inflation and living costs your savings will meet the expenses when the wedding day arrives?

What Should you Do?

You can start as early as when your child is born or when your daughter is in her teens. The earlier you start saving, the more easily you will be able to meet the expenses of her big day. So build a steady saving from as low as Rs. 6,000 per annum with AnmolRishtey. After all, you work hard to earn your money; it’s only fair that your money should work hard for you in return.

Product Features and Benefits