Suhana Mustaqbil Plan

Now, get a little extra to delight your family

Life is full of uncertainties and seldom turns out the way we plan. We all look out for security whether it is for our family’s future or our savings and given a choice we would leave nothing to chance when it comes to fulfilling our goals and securing our family’s well-being. Presenting, the Suhana Mustaqbil Plan not only helps you save money regularly but also enables your savings to grow steadily over time, giving you and your loved ones peace of mind, and providing you a secure financial future to meet your financial needs.

  • Product Features

    The plan is intended for farsighted individuals who want to secure the future of themselves and their loved ones while at the same time reaping benefits on their hard-earned incomes. It is suitable for salaried as well as business-oriented individuals falling between the age of 18-65 at the time of purchase while the plan can go up to a maximum of 85 years of age of the insured.

  • Other Built-in Features

    Account Value Acceleration Premiums: The Plan is a regular premium plan but a customer may top-up the regular premiums by depositing surplus funds as lump sum contributions in the Plan. These lump-sum contributions, called “Account Value Acceleration Premium” (AVAP) payments can be made at any time. The AVAP payments will increase the Account Value of the Plan, but will not affect the basic sum at risk.

    Premium Indexation:

    Indexation is an optional feature offered in this plan. Under this feature, your premium will increase by a fixed amount every year leading to a better cash value accumulation and consequently a higher maturity benefit without any increase in the sum assured. Even once opted, you still have a right to decline the option and continue paying level premium subject to certain terms and conditions.

  • Eligibility

    You are eligible for Suhana Mustaqbil Plan if you are 18-65 years of age. The term of the plan can be of any period from 10 years up to the age 85 years at maturity.

  • Product Benefits

    Death Benefit:

    In the unfortunate event of death, the following benefit is payable:

    Account Value Plus Basic Face Amount


    Account Value of AVAP payments, if any.

    Maturity Benefit: Upon maturity, you will be able to withdraw your account value PLUS the account value of AVAP.

  • Optional Benefits

    Additional Benefits that can be availed: Apart from the above-mentioned conventional benefits, the plan allows you to choose from a range of supplementary benefits. The list of these benefits and their respective description is mentioned below:

    • Family Protection Benefit – Disability (FPR-Disability): Family Protection Rider waives the future premiums in case of permanent total disability due to accident or sickness of the insured up to the end of rider term.
    • HealthSure: Provides financial protection in case of illness or accident that leads to hospitalization to cover in-patient hospital expense.
    • Accidental Death Benefit: Pays an additional benefit in case of death due to accident. 
    • Level Term Insurance Benefit (LTR): Level Term Insurance Rider enhances the benefit payable on the insured’s death. The LTR face amount is payable in addition to any other death benefit payable under the basic plan. 
    • Income Benefit – Death (IBR-Death): A monthly income benefit will be provided to the nominated beneficiary following the death of the insured up to the end of the elected term. 
    • Income Benefit – Disability (IBR-Disability): A monthly income benefit will be provided to the nominated beneficiary following the permanent total disability due to accident or sickness of the insured up to the end of the elected term. 
    • Elaj Aasan (EA): Elaj Aasan Face Amount will be paid if the insured is diagnosed for the first time for one of the covered diseases provided the insured is alive after the expiry of 14 days from the date of surgery or from the date of diagnosis of the disease/condition. If the insured has been diagnosed with a disease or a condition covered by EA, he/she will thereafter remain insured under EA for a reduced number of diseases or conditions in accordance with the table of First and Subsequent Diagnosis.
    • Permanent and Total Disability (PTD): In the event the insured suffers permanent & total disability due to accident or sickness, the PTD face amount is paid in 3 installments of 20%, 30%, and 50% over 24 months period during the continuance of disability. In case the insured dies before receiving all the installments, the remaining installments are payable in a single lump sum.
    • Accidental Care Benefit (ACB): ACB pays an additional benefit in case of death or disability due to an accident. The rider also provides cover in case of dismemberment due to an accident.
    • Accident Medical Expense Reimbursement (AMR): AMR provides total blanket protection for reasonable, customary, and necessary medical expenses in or out of hospital that are made necessary by accident.

    *Additional premium will be charged for each optional supplementary benefit.

  • Charges

    The bank does not have any fees or charges related to this product. However, IGI Life has the following charges:

    Fund Management Charges All Years – 0.125% per Month
    Surrender (% of Account Value) 100% – 1st & 2nd year

    Nil – 3rd year onwards

    Admin Charge PKR 60 per month
    Bid-Offer Spread 5%
    Investment Strategy Switching Fee PKR 500 per switch
    Processing Fee PKR 500 on each partial withdrawal and complete surrenders

  • Premium Payment

    Minimum acceptable Basic Premium is as follows for the following modes of premium payment:

    • Annual PKR 25,000
    • Semi-Annual PKR 12,500

    There is no limit to Premium; hence you can plan your financial objectives with complete freedom.

    For Account Value Acceleration Premium payments – Minimum payment is PKR 50,000 with no limit on the maximum.

  • Premium Allocation

    Suhana Mustaqbil offers one of the best premium allocations thereby optimizing the returns on your investment. The proportion of Basic Premiums and AVAP allocated to Account Value is as follows:

    Policy Year % Allocation of Premium to Account Value
    1 40.0
    2 87.0
    3 & onwards 105.0
    AVAP 100.0

  • Extra Premium Allocation

    The longer the Plan is continued, the higher the rewards will be. The extra unit allocation is as follows:

    Policy Year Extra Unit Allocation as % of Basic Premium
    3 & onwards 5.0

  • Basic Face Amount

    This is the guaranteed amount payable on death of the insured customer. The Basic Face Amount will be a multiple of Basic Premium depending on the age of the customer as follows:

    Age Face Amount Multiple
    Minimum Maximum
    up to 50 5 40
    51 to 55 5 20
    56 to 60 5 10
    61 & onwards 5 5

  • Free Look Period

    If you cancel your policy within a free look period of 14 days from the policy issue date, you are entitled to a full refund of premium less any expenses incurred by IGI Life in connection with your medical or clinical examinations.

  • Full Policy Surrender

    The customer has the right to fully surrender his/ her policy by redeeming all the units in the Account Value. In case of complete surrender during the first two policy years, a surrender charge (as tabulated below) will be deducted. In such an event the units will be redeemed at the bid price and the policy will be terminated.

    Policy Year % Account Value
    1 to 2 100%
    3 onwards Nil

  • Funds

    You have the option to choose from the following Investment Strategies to match your risk profile and financial objectives:

    Secure Strategy: Secure strategy aims to preserve capital through investment in sovereign bonds only. This strategy is ideal for individuals who are investment risk-averse.

    Conservative Strategy: The underlying assets include government and/or other secured investments. There will no exposure to stock market under this strategy.

    Balanced Strategy: This strategy seeks steady growth in capital through a combination of investments in stocks and government securities and/or other secured investments.

    Aggressive Strategy: This strategy seeks to provide long-term capital growth mainly through investments in equities.

    Shari’ah Compliant Strategy: This strategy confirms to Shari’ah by investing in Shari’ah-compliant instruments/assets.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I pay the premium?

    Premium payment is made directly through a direct debit from your Allied Bank Limited account.

    Who is the underwriter of Suhana Mustaqbil Plan?

    Suhana Mustaqbil Plan is underwritten and issued by IGI Life Insurance Limited.

    Is there any medical examination?

    Medical examination or laboratory tests may only be required if your aggregate life cover, which includes Basic Face Amount under Suhana Mustaqbil Plan and life insurance covers under all policies issued by IGI Life, exceeds the non-medical limits set by IGI Life at that time or if your application discloses adverse medical history.

    What if I am unable to make the premium payment within the due date?

    In the first two policy years if the premium is not paid, within 31 days of the premium due date, IGI Life shall return your cash surrender value thus terminating the policy and associated benefits. In such a case the policy may be reinstated upon payment of the amount due provided certain terms and conditions are met as determined by IGI LIFE.

    In case of non-payment of premium in subsequent years, the policy will not terminate until such time the account value or cash surrender value, as the case may be, is sufficient to cover the monthly deductions.

  • Contact Details

    In case of complaint or for further details, please contact:

    IGI Life Insurance Limited

    Suite No. 701-713, 7th Floor, The Forum, G-20, Block-9, Khayaban-e-Jami. Clifton, Karachi – 75600.

    Tel: (+9221) 111-111-711

    Fax: (+9221) 3529-0042


  • Disclaimer

    • ABL is only acting as a Corporate Insurance Agent (Distributor) of Suhana Mustaqbil Plan on behalf of IGI Life and shall not be held responsible in any manner whatsoever to any person, including but not limited to, the insured customer(s), Beneficiary, or any third party.
    • ABL is the third-party distributor for “Suhana Mustaqbil Plan”. The product is not guaranteed or insured by Allied Bank Limited or its affiliates and is not an Allied Bank Limited product. Past performance of funds is not necessarily a guide to future performance. Any forecast made is not necessarily of the future or likely performance of the funds. IGI Life refers to IGI Life Insurance Limited.
    • Your relationship is with IGI Life. In turn, IGI Life makes investments in line with the strategies you have chosen, and your Policy Account Values will reflect the performance of the strategies you select. The Investment Account earnings will fluctuate up or down and principal and investment returns are not guaranteed. Thus, the investment risk shall be borne by the policyholder.
    • In order to continue to best serve its Policy Owners, or in the event of a change in applicable legislation, IGI Life may add, combine, or delete sub-accounts and/or funds, which back the investment strategies without notice to its Policy Owners. As the Policy Owners’ investments are made with IGI Life, in Suhana Mustaqbil Plan, rest assured that IGI Life’s obligations to its individual Policy Owners under Suhana Mustaqbil Plan will not be altered or amended by any such change.
    • The Investment Strategies and Investment Sub-accounts offered are subject to the Company’s ability to invest in mutual funds or any other investment instruments. The composition of the investment strategies is subject to change, the updated mix is available on the company’s website.
    • Please note that at all times your investment is in your IGI Life Policy and the various Investment Strategies it offers. IGI Life is the investor and owner of units in any Fund it currently uses to achieve investment goals on your behalf. Neither IGI Life nor any of its affiliates, agents, or representatives is giving investment advice in relation to any of the Investments Strategies and/or in connection with the underlying Funds used to achieve the investment goals selected by the Policy Owner. Neither IGI Life nor any of its affiliates, agents, or representatives is giving any professional advice regarding the compatibility of the Underlying Funds with any set of religious precepts or guidelines.