Credit & Debit Cards

A range of payment instruments and channels offered by Allied Bank has significantly contributed to service our customers.

A decade ago, it wasn’t all that unusual to be out for dinner or at the cash counter at a grocery store and suddenly realize that you don’t have enough cash to cover the bill.

Today, we can conveniently pull out a debit or credit card and settle the bill electronically there and then. It is difficult now to imagine a time when the card-based payment option were not available.

Debit cards are issued with a bank account so the money spent or withdrawn, is automatically deducted from the account. It is a convenient alternate to cash, especially when it is directly used for shopping at merchant locations on their POS (Point of Sale) machines.

With Credit Card, you can spend more than you have, or leveraging the credit balance, you can reschedule your payments as per your convenience and typically get better rewards and better insurance protection. Credit cards allow spending while paying the money back later.

Our customers using debit and credit cards enjoy the convenience that these cards bring in, for improved financial management.