Debit Card Variants

Allied Visa Debit Card Now Offers More Freedom to Explore More Options

With Allied Bank’s Cash+ Shop Visa Debit Card you can choose from a variety of transactional limits on your card to pay for everyday shopping or get access to your funds at ATMs in Pakistan and abroad.

  • Features to Offer

    Your bank offers wide-ranging limits for ATM Withdrawal and Shopping: starting with Rs. 50,000 per day limit up to the higher limit Sapphire Packages with Rs. 200,000 per day for Cash Withdrawal and up to Rs. 500,000 per day for POS Purchases.

    That’s not it! The packages also offer you more flexibility on the transactional limits for doing Funds Transfer and Bill Payments using E-Banking channels: ATM, Internet Banking, SMS Banking and Phone Banking.

    So the next time, whether you travel abroad or need to make high value purchases, simply opt for your desired Sapphire package on your existing Allied Visa Debit Card. For details on Visa Debit Card Variants, click on the packages below:

    Transaction Type Visa Classic Visa Sapphire Visa Sapphire 200
    Limits Limits Limits
     ATM Cash Withdrawal 50,000 per day 100,000 per day 200,000 per day
     POS/ eCommerce 100,000 per day 250,000 per day 500,000 per day

  • How to Upgrade My Package

    For change of package/ limits, please visit your nearest ABL branch. Your existing debit card will be replaced/upgraded to EMV-Chip card.

    Please note that the change of package will also affect the transactional limit on other E-Banking channels as mentioned above in the package details.