Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions comprise the Agreement between the Bank and the Cardholder in connection with the Allied Prepaid Card and Biometric ATM Access.

  • 1. In these Terms and Conditions

    • “Card Account” means the card account held or to be held with the Bank in the name of the Cardholder, the number of which is or shall be specified in the application form for the Card and communicated to the Cardholder as appropriate.
    • “Bank” means Allied Bank Limited.
    • “Branch” means that branch of Allied Bank Limited, which holds the Cardholder account/ relationship.
    • “Card” means the Allied EZ Cash Prepaid Card, including any replacement of the Card.
    • “Cardholder” means the person to whom Card is issued and having power alone to operate the card account in accordance with the Bank mandate in respect thereof.
    • “PayPak” means domestic payment scheme owned and operated by 1LINK (Pvt.) Ltd duly approved by State Bank of Pakistan.
    • “UPI” means international payment scheme owned and operated by China Union Pay International.
    • “PIN” means the Personal Identification Number or an encrypted number, which the Cardholder uses from time to time with the Card and includes the Telephone Personal Identification Number or TPIN where the context so permits.
    • “Transaction” means any cash withdrawal or payment made using the Card/Biometric or any refund arising in connection with the use of the Card /Biometric in any authorized manner for debit or credit to the card Account.
    • “Biometric” means access to the ATM using thumb impression.
    • “e-Commerce” is the transaction of making payments for online purchases. e-Commerce means electronic commerce and include both internet and mobile commerce.

  • 2. Card Facilities

    • The Card/ Biometric may be used to withdraw money at any Automated Teller Machine (“ATM”) or to access any additional banking services offered through the ATMs (e.g. transfer of funds to cardholder’s other account, payment of utility or other bills, mobile top-ups, etc.). The Card may also be used for payment for goods and/or services whether online/e-commerce or at retailers or suppliers internationally where UPI sign is displayed and locally where PayPak sign is displayed and who accept the Card, subject to compliance with UPI and PayPak rules and regulations as applicable from time to time.
    • Cardholder may avail other Digital Banking services in accordance with the Bank mandate including but not limited to Internet and Mobile Banking, SMS Banking and IVR facilities and any other Payment services/ facilities which the bank may make available for Prepaid Cardholders from time to time for which the cardholder signup/ opt as per the prevailing procedures of the bank. The Bank may activate Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) services only for those payment instruments and channels against which customer’s consent is obtained.
    • If the Cardholder uses the Card for payments in foreign currency, such as Transactions outside Pakistan (including ATMs, POS purchases and e-Commerce transactions), the Cardholder will also be liable for currency conversion charges and service fee which is charged upfront at the time of the Transaction. However, the Bank makes no warranty nor assumes any liability or responsibility for any limitation on conversion or availability of foreign exchange whether due to State Bank of Pakistan or otherwise

  • 3. Issuance of the Card

    The Bank will issue a Card only if the customer has duly completed the prescribed application form, agreed to these Terms and Conditions and application of the customer has been accepted by the Bank.

  • 4. Ownership of the Card

    The Card belongs to the Bank and the Bank or any authorized officer, servant, employee, associate or agent of the Bank may retain the Card, require the Cardholder to return the Card or suspend the use of the Card at any time in its absolute discretion and the Bank shall not be liable for any loss suffered by the Cardholder as a result thereof. The Card may not be used by any person other than the Cardholder. In case the Card is required to be surrendered or retained by the Bank, the Biometric may also be suspended.

  • 5. Validity and Activation

    The Card will not become valid or operational until the Cardholder acknowledges receipt of the Card and accepts the Terms and Conditions for Card usage. The Card will then require to be activated by such mode as the Bank may specify. The Card is only valid for the period shown on it and must not be used outside that period or if the Bank has required by notice in writing to the Cardholder that it be returned to the Bank. When the period of validity of a Card expires, it must be destroyed by cutting it in half through the magnetic strip. In order to use Biometric, activation of the Card is a mandatory requirement.

    For activation of e-Commerce Transaction Facility separate request is to be made by the Cardholder through mode prescribed by the Bank. The Card will be opened for e-Commerce Transaction Facility for limited period (Activation Period). Fresh activation request will be required from the Cardholder after expiry of each Activation Period. Permanent activation is not permitted.

  • 6. Loss or Theft

    The Cardholder must take all precautions to prevent unauthorised use of the Card or it’s PIN. If the Card is lost or stolen, the Cardholder shall immediately notify the Bank by telephone on the contact number(s) from time to time notified to the Cardholder and the Cardholder must, in addition, immediately notify the Bank in writing of such loss or theft. The Cardholder will be liable for all Transactions until the Bank is duly notified in the foregoing manner.

    The Cardholder must co-operate with any officers, employees, representatives or agents of the Bank and/or law enforcement agencies in any efforts to recover the Card if it is lost or stolen. The Bank may disclose information about the Cardholder and the Account if the Bank thinks it will help avoid or recover any loss to the Cardholder or the Bank resulting from the loss, theft, misuse or unauthorised use of the Card. If the Card is found after the Bank has been given notice of its loss or theft the Cardholder must not use it again. The Card must be cut in half through the magnetic strip and returned to the Bank immediately.

  • 7. PIN

    At the request of the Cardholder, the Bank will issue a PIN to the Cardholder. If the Bank issues a PIN, the Cardholder must take all reasonable precautions to avoid unauthorised use, including destroying the PIN mailer issued by the Bank promptly after receipt, never disclosing the PIN to someone else, never writing the PIN on the Card or any other item normally kept with the Card, never write the PIN in a way that can be understood by someone else and notify the Bank as soon as possible if someone else knows or is suspected of knowing the PIN.

    If the PIN is held with the Card and subsequently lost or stolen, the Cardholder will be liable for all PIN related Transactions. If the Cardholder discloses the PIN then the Cardholder will be liable for all subsequent PIN related Transactions.

  • 8. Charges

    The Cardholder agrees that charges, fees, duties, levies and other expenses (collectively the “charges”) will be charged by the Bank for the issuance and usage of the Card/Biometric. The Cardholder agrees to pay and reimburse the Bank all or any of such charges immediately upon demand. Such charges will change from time to time at the discretion of the Bank and the Cardholder will accordingly be informed through advance notice whether general, specific or by publication in the newspaper. In case Cardholder continues to use the Card and/or Biometric after the elapse of notice period or effective date of revised Schedule of Charges, the Bank will have sufficient reason to believe that the Cardholder has accepted changes to the charges. The Cardholder may obtain the prevailing rates of such charges from the Bank’s branch nearest to him/her or download the same from Bank’s corporate website (www.abl.com). All charges are non-refundable unless otherwise indicated by the Bank.

  • 9. Total Usage

    The total amount of any Transactions carried out in any one day shall be limited to amounts and subject to other conditions as shall be notified in writing to the Cardholder by the Bank from time to time with effect from the date of such notice. The Cardholder is not authorised to enter into Transactions using the Card or through Biometric to a value in excess of the credit balance available in the Account at any time keeping margin of  applicable charges (if any) of the Bank.

    If the Bank is asked to authorise a Transaction, the Bank may take into consideration any other Transactions which have been authorised but which have not been debited to the Account and any other transactional activities upon the Account, the applicable limits (for limit details please visit www.abl.com) and other conditions referred to in these Terms and Conditions and if the Bank determines that there are or will be insufficient available funds in the Account to pay the amount that would be due in respect of such a Transaction, the Bank may, in its own absolute discretion, refuse to authorise such Transaction, in which event such a Transaction will not be debited to the Account. The Bank shall not be liable for any loss resulting from any such refusal to authorise any Transaction. The Cardholder shall not initiate electronic fund transfers (EFT) transaction(s) above intraday limits as prescribed by the Bank time to time on Cardholder’s account.

  • 10. Insufficient Funds

    In the event that there are insufficient funds available in the Account to pay any Transaction or other amount payable from the Account, including any mark-up, fees, charges, currency conversion charges, service fee or any other payments due to the Bank, the Bank may in its own absolute discretion (and without any obligation to do so) transfer or arrange the transfer of sufficient funds from any other account held by the Cardholder with the Bank to the Account. In this regard, the Cardholder permits, authorises and consents to the Bank to consolidate, combine or set off any such credit balances existing in other accounts of the Cardholder against the Transactions charged or to be charged, initiated by the Cardholder against the Account.

  • 11. Refusal to Accept Card

    The Bank shall not be liable for any loss resulting from the refusal of any retailer, supplier, other bank or card operated machine to accept use of the Card in connection with any Transaction. No claims of the Cardholder against any retailer or supplier may be the subject of set-off, claim or counterclaim against the Bank. The Bank shall not be liable in any way for the quality, quantity, sufficiency, acceptability, merchantability of goods and/or services booked, used or purchased by the Cardholder through the use of the Card or for any breach or non-performance of any card Transactions by a retailer or supplier. The retailer or supplier shall under no circumstances be regarded as an agent or representative of the Bank and the Bank shall not be responsible or liable in any manner for any acts or omissions or breach of representations on part of any retailer or supplier.

  • 12. Statement

    The Cardholder must check the Transaction Records from the Account Statement sent by the Bank as per the set frequency or the service can be availed through internet banking and through mini statement from an ATM using Card or Biometric.

    The Cardholder will inform the Bank in writing within 7 days of Transaction or issuance of Statement, whichever is later, if any irregularity or discrepancy exist in the Transaction particulars or in the Account Statement that the Bank sends to the Cardholder. If the Bank does not receive any information to the contrary within 7 days, the Bank is entitled to assume that all Transactions are correct and can be treated as conclusive evidence for all purposes. In addition, in the event that the Card/Biometric is used at any ATM or the Card is used online through permissible digital channels and the Cardholder receives short payment or no payment despite the Transaction having been successfully executed, he/she must inform the Bank in writing within 7 working days of the impugned Transaction, otherwise the Bank’s Statement of Account and records shall be deemed to be conclusive of the matter. Furthermore, in the event the Cardholder uses the Card at any ATM which is not operated by the Bank, then the Bank shall be entitled to rely on the records provided to it by the 1-Link switch and any omission or failure by the Bank to contemporaneously debit the Cardholder’s Account for any Transaction by the Cardholder may be completed by the Bank on any subsequent date by direct debit without prior reference to the Cardholder.

  • 13. Cancellation of Transactions

    A Transaction cannot be cancelled by the Cardholder after it has been completed. However, the Bank reserves the right to reject or suspend transaction in particular electronic fund transfer (EFT) transaction lacking minimum required information or where mandatory field are not filled in with appropriate details.

  • 14. Posting

    Subject to these Terms and Conditions the Bank will normally debit the amount of any Transaction to the Account as soon as the Bank receives proper instructions in connection therewith, provided that the Bank will not be liable for any loss resulting from any delay in doing so.

  • 15. Refund

    If a retailer or supplier makes a refund by means of a Transaction, the Bank will credit the Account when it receives the retailer or supplier’s proper instructions and the funds in respect of such refund, provided that the Bank will not be responsible for any loss resulting from any delay in receiving such instructions and funds.

  • 16. Promotions

    Without prejudice to the foregoing, the Bank may, from time to time and at its sole discretion, promote the goods or services of certain specified companies (“affiliates”) amongst all or any of its Cardholders. If such a promotion is made available to the Cardholder and the Cardholder avails the promotion, the Cardholder agrees that in addition to these Terms and Conditions, the Cardholder will abide by the Terms and Conditions of the promotion as stipulated by the affiliates in consultation with the Bank. Such a promotion may be withdrawn at any time without notice to the Cardholder.

  • 17. Termination

    The Bank may terminate the Agreement comprised in these Terms and Conditions by notifying the Cardholder in writing to the Cardholder’s last notified address as per the Bank’s records. The Cardholder may terminate the Agreement comprised in these Terms and Conditions by notifying the Bank in writing, cutting the Card in two halves through the magnetic strip and return the Card to the Bank. Such termination shall be effective, subject to the provisions contained in these terms and conditions and upon receipt by the Bank of such notice of termination from the Cardholder and after recovery of any sums due.

  • 18. Agreement to Remain in Full Force and Effect

    The Agreement comprised in these Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to remain in full force and effect if and in so far as any Transaction is completed but not debited to the Account prior to termination thereof.

  • 19. Post Termination

    Termination of the Agreement comprised in these Terms and Conditions shall not prejudice any liability in respect of things done or omitted to be done prior to termination thereof.

  • 20. Limitation on Liability

    The Bank shall not be liable to the Cardholder for any loss suffered as a result of the Bank being prevented from or delayed in providing any banking or other services to the Cardholder due to strikes, industrial action, failure of power supplies, systems or equipment or causes beyond the Bank’s control. The Bank shall not be liable in any manner due to any accidental death, injury or property damage that may be sustained by the Cardholder in using the Card/Biometric at the ATM rooms or locations, it being agreed that the Cardholder shall use the Card/Biometric entirely at his/her own risk, cost and consequences. Furthermore, whenever the Card/Biometric is used by the Cardholder for payment of any utility or other bills, the Cardholder shall remain solely liable for any penalty, cost or surcharge which may be levied by the utility or service provider for late payment, irrespective of whether the Cardholder provided adequate notice and proper details to the Bank. In case of any unauthorized/fraudulent e-commerce transaction(s) during the activation period, the Bank shall not be held responsible or liable to the Cardholder.

  • 21. Change of Terms and Conditions

    These Terms and Conditions may be changed by the Bank at its sole option at any time and from time to time thereby notifying the Cardholder atleast Twenty One (21) days in advance through notice (whether general or specific) to the Cardholder(s). Any such changes will be effective from the date stated in the notice or such later date as may be expressly specified by the Bank. In case Cardholder continues to use the Card after the effective date, the Bank shall have sufficient reason to believe that the Cardholder has signified his/her consent to the changed terms and conditions.

  • 22. Disclosure

    The Cardholder authorises the disclosure of information relating to the Cardholder to any company within the Bank’s group of companies, to any third party processors, service providers and/or card personalisation firms utilized by the Bank from time to time. Such information shall include but not be limited to the Cardholder’s details, the Card, the Account and any Transactions the Bank considers in its sole opinion to be necessary or desirable. The Bank may also disclose such information in relation to the Cardholder, the Card, the Account or any Transaction as may be required by law, practice or usage.

  • 23. Indemnity

    The Cardholder hereby indemnifies and holds the Bank harmless against any or all losses, damages, costs or expenses which the Bank suffers or sustains as a consequence of the Cardholder being in breach of these Terms & Conditions or the Terms and Conditions governing the Account or the Cardholder using or permitting the use of the Card for any Transaction, whether illegal, unauthorised or otherwise. In this regard, in the event of the Cardholder’s death, the Bank shall be notified immediately by the Cardholder’s next of kin or successors for blockage of the Account and the Card shall be promptly returned to the Bank for cancellation. Pending provision of a succession certificate by the successors of the Cardholder or such other document as the Bank may specify, the Cardholder’s Account will remain frozen and any Transactions made on the Card prior to the date of freezing of the Account using the Cardholder’s PIN will be to the Cardholder’s sole Account until such notice of death is received in writing by the Bank.

  • 24. Bank Account Terms and Conditions

    These Terms and Conditions are to be read in conjunction with the Account opening Terms and Conditions as shall be applicable to the Account from time to time.

  • 25. Governing Law

    These Terms and Conditions are subject to the debit card rules and regulations, circulars and directives of the State Bank of Pakistan (as may be applicable from time to time) and will be governed by the substantive and procedural laws of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The courts in Pakistan will have exclusive jurisdiction.
  • 26. Interpretation

    These Terms and Conditions are also being issued in Urdu and/or other regional languages of Pakistan. In the event of any discrepancy or conflict between the interpretation of the provisions of such clauses against the Terms and Conditions stated above, the English version stated above shall prevail and be deemed to be authentic.

  • 28. Contact Details

    Upon request of the Cardholder either telephonically or in writing about fresh/present contact details to any of the authorized office/representative of the Bank, the Bank is authorized to update the record by amending the previous particulars to fresh/latest one.
  • 29. Scheduled Maintenance

    The Bank will inform the Cardholders in advance through SMS, email or newspaper advertisement etc, if the services related to the Card in particular electronic fund transfer (EFT) services are to be temporarily unavailable due to any scheduled maintenance or up-gradation of systems etc.
  • 30. Dispute Resolution

    For the purpose of dispute / error resolution including but not limited to Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), the Cardholder shall immediately contact Customer Service Support Centre of the Bank and provide necessary information/detail as may be required by the Bank. In case the Cardholder fails to provide the requisite information / detail or cause delay in submission thereof, the Bank shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused to the Cardholder.