Domestic Remittance – Pay Anyone

Around 2,000 Pay Anyone transactions are carried out every month!

Domestic Remittance is a significant financial service and a need for many people across Pakistan. To provide Allied Bank customers with a convenient banking channel for remitting money, we offer a domestic remittance service called “Pay Anyone”. Through this safe, fast, and reliable service, you can send/pay money to anyone within Pakistan with no mandatory requirement for the beneficiary to have an account with any bank. Currently, this feature is available via:

  • Branch counter for Allied Bank Customers
  • Allied Direct Internet Banking for Allied Bank Customers
  • Phone Banking for Allied Bank Customers
  • Allied SMS Banking

  • Pay Anyone through Branch Channel (For Allied Bank’s Account-holders

    • Customer will visit his/her parent ABL branch and fill-in remittance application form with transaction details and particulars of beneficiary
    • Particulars of the beneficiary will include Beneficiary Name, CNIC #, CNIC Expiry Date, beneficiary Cell Number, address, Remitter Cell Number and purpose of Transaction
    • Customers account for Pay anyone transaction will be debited
    • On completion of transaction, a 16 digit Reference Number will be generated and shared with the remitter for onward intimation to the beneficiary
    • As soon as the transaction is successfully completed, SMS will be sent out to the remitter’s Cell Number
    • After completion of transaction, Funds will be immediately available at any branch of Allied Bank for payment at counter

  • Pay Anyone through Allied Direct – Internet Banking

    Pay Anyone feature can be accessed via Allied Direct by logging in to your internet banking account and navigating into the funds transfer section or via Call Center by calling 111-225-225. The 2 modes of payments are described below:

    i. Pay in Cash
    Allied Direct users can remit funds in cash which to be collected from any Allied Bank Branch all over Pakistan. As input, following information will be required by the system:

    • Select Payee
    • Enter Beneficiary’s Name, CNIC, Email, and Mobile Number
    • Mention Description, Amount, and Financial PIN to initiate the transaction

    Once the data is provided and confirmed, 16-digit reference number is displayed to the sender and also sent to the sender’s email address. In case of call center, reference number is verbalized to the customer. The sender can then communicate this reference number to the beneficiary.

    Beneficiary can then present his/her 16-Digit Reference Number along with the Copy of CNIC to collect money from any Allied Bank Branch after 6-12 hours of transactions.

    ii. Pay by Check
    Internet Banking customers can transfer funds through a banker’s cheque (Allied Express Cheque) which is delivered to the specified beneficiary’s address and payable at any branch of ABL. To send funds, following information will be required:

    • Select Payee
    • Enter Beneficiary’s Name, CNIC, Address, City, Email, and Mobile Number
    • Mention Description, Amount, and Financial PIN to initiate the transaction

    Once the data is provided and confirmed, Allied Express Cheque (AEC) will be dispatched to the Beneficiary’s Address within 3 working days.

  • Pay Anyone through Allied SMS Banking

    Use your mobile device to type the following syntax and pay anyone anywhere anytime:

    • Type PAB (space) Payee’s CNIC (space) Name (space) Amount (space) Payee’s Mobile Number
    • Send this SMS to 9080
    • Receive SMS to confirm Details of Payment: reply Y (to confirm) or N (to cancel)
    • Upon confirmation, receive an automated call and enter your Mobile Pin
    • After verification of your Mobile Pin, you will receive a confirmation SMS