myABL Wallet

Branchless Banking

myABL Wallet is designed to conveniently fulfill wide range of your banking needs without any other conventional bank account. Simply download myABL Wallet Application; self-register from anywhere at any time; free of cost and start your ‘Branchless’ banking journey instantly. For registration, just grab your smartphone along with your valid CNIC Your mobile number will act as your account number and your smartphone will act as your digital Wallet. You can easily transfer funds, pay bills, purchase tickets, buy mobile top ups, receive home remittance and much more with myABL Wallet.

Download myABL Wallet App from following App Store.


myABL Wallet offers customers a wide range of features.

  • Key Features

    Self-Registration for Wallet: Register yourself on myABL Wallet from anywhere and at any time by following these easy steps.

    • Download myABL Wallet App from respective App store (Google/ Huawei AppGallery / Apple Store)
    • Opening application for the first time will display in-app promo screens (Instant Account Opening, Account Accessibility, Funds Transfer, Pay Utility Bills, QR Payments and Retail Payments) click “Get Started”.
    • Accept the Terms & Conditions to proceed
    • Enter the following details and click Next
      • Mobile Number
      • CNIC/ SNIC Number
    • Upon confirmation of the provided details, One Time PIN (6 digits) will be sent via SMS to provided Mobile number for verification purpose. Enter provided One Time PIN to continue.
    • Upon successful OTP verification, please enter the following details as mentioned on your CNIC/ SNIC and click Next:
      • Full Name as per CNIC
      • Father Name/ Husband Name
      • CNIC/SNIC Expiry date DD/MM/YYYY (Check Box for life Time Expiry)
      • Date of Birth DD/MM/YYYY
      • Place of Birth
      • Mother’s Maiden Name
      • Permanent Address
      • CNIC/SNIC issuance date
      • Occupation Category
      • Occupation
      • Email Address (optional)
      • Gender
      • City of Residence
    • Create your password and you are good to go!


    Transfers: myABL Wallet app customers can perform different types of fund transfers such as transferring to other Wallet accounts, to ABL regular accounts, other bank wallet / accounts (IBFT) and transfer to people who do not have myABL Wallet or any bank account. Following is the complete list of transfers available:

    • myABL Wallet to myABL Wallet
    • myABL Wallet to ABL Regular Account
    • myABL Wallet to Other Bank Wallet / Account (IBFT)
    • myABL Wallet to Person/CNIC
    • Transfer IN / Out from/ to Linked Own ABL Regular Account

    Payments: myABL Wallet offers customers a wide variety of payment options. Customers can easily pay their utility bills, purchase mobile top up, make internet payments, invest in mutual funds, purchase movie, bus and event tickets, pay school fees, make donations and much more. The complete list of payments available through myABL can be found below:

    • Utility Bill Payment
    • Mobile Voucher / Top up Purchase
    • Post Paid Mobile Bill Payment
    • Broadband bill payment
    • Mutual Funds’ Investments
    • Credit Card Payments
    • Educational Fee Payments
    • Tax & Challan Payments
    • Movie / Bus / Event Tickets
    • Donations
    • Insurance
    • QR Code Payments

    Debit Card Services: Using myABL Wallet, customers can request issuance of co-badged UnionPay International (UPI) and PayPak Wallet debit card. The debit card will be delivered right at the customer’s doorstep. Customers will be able to use this Wallet debit card domestically for ATM services, e-commerce transactions, and shopping at retailers. Customer can manage his debit card through myABL Wallet App. Following are the features:

    • Request new Debit Card
    • Request Debit Card Replacement

    Note: Account holder must get themselves biometrically verified in order to use their Wallet debit card.  

    Home Remittance: Customers can receive remittance in their myABL Wallet account from their loved ones abroad. How to Upgrade your Level – 1 account to Home Remittance Account (HRA)

    • Once a remittance is received by existing customer of Level – 1, account holder will select the option to Upgrade to HRA under “Account Services” option within myABL Wallet app
    • myABL Wallet app will ask customer for remittance details
    • Customer will provide the required information and its Level – 1 myABL Wallet account will be seamlessly upgraded to HRA

    Note: Level – 0 account holder will be required to initially upgrade to Level – 1 account and later upgrade to HRA  

    Face ID/Biometric Login: myABL Wallet provides customers with the capability to login to the application using Biometric login for both iOS & Android and Face ID for iOS users only.

    Cash Deposit/Withdrawal Services: myABL Wallet offers customers the facility to easily deposit and withdraw cash at nearby agents and branches. Note: Account holder must get themselves biometrically verified in order to make cash deposit in wallet account

    Branch & ATM Locator: Customers can find out and get directions to the nearest ATMs & branches through the myABL Wallet application.

    Register Complaints: Customers can easily register a complaint from myABL Wallet or call ABL helpline available in the application. Upgrade Account: Customers, through myABL Wallet application can upgrade their Level – 0 accounts to Level – 1 after biometric verification or upgrade their Level – 1 accounts to Home Remittance account.

    Update Personal Information: Customers can conveniently update their personal information such as mobile number, CNIC information and home address using myABL Wallet.

    Link/Delink Bank Account: myABL Wallet allows the customer freedom to link their regular ABL bank account to their mobile wallet through which they can transfer money.

    Discounts & Offers: myABL Wallet customers can find out and avail all the available discounts and offers on cards and QR, also find restaurants in which the discounts are applicable.

    Generate Account Statement: Customers can view and download their account statement from myABL Wallet app for the specified time period.

  • Accounts and Limits

    Types of Accounts

    Level – 0 Level – 1 Home Remittance Account
    Basic branchless banking account with low transaction limits. Biometrically verified account with higher transaction limits. Specialized L1 account whereby customers can receive money from abroad directly into their Wallet account.

    Account Limits Following are the limits for branchless banking and HRA accounts.

    Branchless Banking Accounts Level 0 Level 1
    Daily Transaction Limit Rs. 25,000 ** Rs. 50,000 */**
    Monthly Transaction Limit Rs. 50,000 Rs. 200,000
    Yearly Transaction Limit Rs. 200,000 N/A
    Maximum Balance Limit Rs. 200,000 Rs. 1,000,000


    Home Remittance Account Limits
    Daily Cash Withdrawal Limit Rs. 50,000
    Monthly Cash Withdrawal Limit Rs. 500,000
    Maximum Balance Limit Rs. 1,500,000

    * Limit not applicable on salary credits ** Limit not applicable on payments to billers

  • Useful Documents