myABL WhatsApp Banking Terms & Conditions

Bank” refers to Allied Bank Limited and/or its successors and/or assignees.

“Customer” or “Account Holder” refers to the individual(s), who is/are opening the Account and shall include their respective successors-in-interest and/or permitted assigns and the expression or any prospective customer with bank and interacting with the bank on WhatsApp using the registered number of bank.

“WhatsApp is the application provided by WhatsApp inc.

“myABL WhatsApp Banking Service” WhatsApp Banking Services offered by Allied Bank with 0300 1225225.

“Controller” means a natural or legal person or the government, who either alone or jointly has the authority on personal data of customer to make a decision on the processing, collection, obtaining, usage or disclosure.

“Processor” means a natural or legal person or the government who alone or in conjunction with other(s) processes data on behalf of the data controller

“Processing” means any operation or set of operations which is performed on personal data or on sets of personal data, whether or not by automated means, such as collection, recording, organization, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, restriction, erasure or destruction

“Third Party” in relation to personal data, means any person other than a customer, a relevant person in relation to a customer, a data controller, a data processor or a person authorized in writing by the data controller/customer to process the personal data under the direct control of the data controller;

Registered Customer Number” is the mobile number which has been registered with the bank by the customer.

“Device” means a computer, laptop, mobile phone tablet or any other similar device that enables the customer to access WhatsApp and use services.

  • These Terms and Conditions comprise the Agreement between the Bank and the Customer/Account holder for availing myABL WhatsApp banking services. These Terms and Conditions must be read in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions for bank accounts as applicable from time to time. The customer agrees and accept that all WhatsApp services/communication to be taken place through WhatsApp platform between bank and customer will be subject to these T&C and bank may stop providing service to customer, or add limits to service, without notice, if customer acts in breach of these Terms or applicable laws.
  • Bank may update or otherwise amend these terms, to reflect changes to the Service or any other change deemed necessary in connection to account. Upon amendment Customers’ continued use of myABL WhatsApp service will be considered as acceptance of the amended Terms. If customer do not agree to the amendments, he/she shall be required to unregister and discontinue the use of the Banks myABL WhatsApp Service.
  • Customer acknowledges and agrees that for the provision of myABL WhatsApp banking services, Bank will process and share customer’s e information for the purpose directly related to services requested by himself/herself. Further customer is aware of and grant authority to bank being a data controller that bank may process or allow processing by third partieson behalf of bank, of customer’s information available in bank record or exclusively obtained for the purpose of provision of myABL WhatsApp banking services.
  • By availing this service, customer explicitly provides consent for the processing of customer’s information through WhatsApp, as customer fully acknowledged the fact that WhatsApp is cloud-based service located outside Pakistan. Bank will take necessary measures to ensure security/encryption when processing of
  • Customer may cease data processing or processing of data for a specified period by unsubscribing of myABL WhatsApp banking services. However, customer agrees that bank may take the required time to take into effect the unsubscribing request and customer will be responsible for any request made/massages sent to the bank and processing of personal identifiable data (for executing WhatsApp banking services request) prior to the service cancellation effected by bank. Once customer will be unsubscribed from the services, bank will not process the customer information/personal data, unless legally permissible or in compliance with any legal obligation or in exercise of official authority vested in bank.
  • myABL WhatsApp banking services are subject to the rules & regulations, circulars and directives of the state Bank of Pakistan (as may be applicable from time to time) and will be governed by the substantive and procedural laws of Islamic Republic of Pakistan as well as the policies of ABL and WhatsApp. The courts in Pakistan will have exclusive jurisdiction. Customer agrees that WhatsApp is owned by a third-party unaffiliated with Bank and Customer shall independently accept   the privacy policy of WhatsApp or group companies of WhatsApp solely at his/her own risk.
  • The Customer agrees that he/she shall not attempt to modify or reverse engineer this service.
  • The customer acknowledge that the services might not be error-free. Bank will strive to provide professional services to keep the services accessible and usable but provides no warranties, expressions or implied, for the performance, quality, availability or usability of this service.
  • Bank and any of the bank’s employees or affiliates shall not be held liable for any damages in case of loss of business opportunity, loss of access to services, data loss arising out from the use of these services.
  • Bank or its employees shall not be liable for any failure or delay in the performance in case of circumstances arising from beyond their control, including, but not limited to, natural disasters, fire, explosion, flood, pandemic, strike, riot, failure or diminishment of power or telecommunications or data networks or services not under the control of the bank and the users, governmental or military acts or orders or restrictions or any other cause beyond reasonable control.
  • Receipt of WhatsApp messages by Customer shall be subject to the customer’s data network connection and his/her device compatibility for the services. Therefore, Customer hereby agrees that he/she shall be solely responsible without any binding on the Bank, for upgrading any software, hardware and the operating system at his/her own cost from time to time so as to be compatible to continue to avail the WhatsApp Services offered by the Bank.
  • The Customer unconditionally authorizes the Bank to access all his account(s) for effecting myABL WhatsApp banking Services request received through the WhatsApp platform and to share the information related to services requested by himself/herself with third party/service provider for the purpose of accepting/ executing WhatsApp banking Services request of the Customer.
  • Further, the Customer hereby agrees  that after successful registration of myABL WhatsApp Banking Service through OTP authentication the Bank shall not be required to authenticate the Customer, if any request for the transaction received through WhatsApp on  the Bank’s Registered Number and  originated from customer’s registered number or if the mobile number reflected in the requestor’s mobile detail is a Customer’s Registered Number, the Bank shall presume that the Customer himself/herself/themselves is interacting with Bank and request is originated by the customer and Bank’s response sent against customer request shall be deemed lawful & customer will not object on it whatever will be the circumstances.
  • Although the communication in this regard is end-to-end encrypted, but the Customer understands and agrees that any message and information exchanged is subject to the risk of being read, interrupted, defrauded or manipulated by third party and Bank shall not responsible for consequences arising out for using WhatsApp Application.
  • It is recommended for Customers who have subscribed to WhatsApp banking services to delete WhatsApp application when changing their device/mobile in order to ensure there is no misuse of the same, otherwise bank shall not be held responsible in case of any loss arising out of misuse of WhatsApp application.
  • The Customer further understands and agree that WhatsApp or any other service provider through which bank is providing the facility of WhatsApp banking services can review and monitor, store the contents shared/communicated through the WhatsApp or other service provider(s)
  • The Bank’s interpretation of these Terms & Conditions shall be binding on the customer/Account Holder(s).


I/We hereby confirm that the above terms and conditions have been read, understood and agree to abide by me/us.