Utility Bill Payment Campaign

Earn while Paying Utility Bills through ATM & myABL Digital Banking

Allied bank with myABL Digital Banking platform provides a convenient & easy way of paying your utility bills avoiding long queues & hassle.We are pleased to announce that now you can win cash as reward or get your Debit card annual fee waived just by paying your utility bills online or through your nearest ATM.
Below are the campaign details:

Campaign Outline: 
Customer will be eligible for campaign subject to meeting following criteria:

Open an account during 1st May, 2020 to 31st July, 2020
Issue/activate Debit card during 1st May, 2020 to 31st July, 2020
Execute bill payments transactions* 1st May, 2020 to 31st October, 2020

(*Bill payment only through digital channels including myABL Digital Banking platform & ATM would be considered for this campaign)


Target Segment # of Bills Minimum Utility Bill Amount (3-month accumulation) Cash Back
per account
Any Current Account


Other Than Current


New Account Opening 6 Rs. 20,000 Rs. 1,000 Rs. 500
Debit Card Activation Rs. 500 Rs. 250


Eligible Utility Bills for Campaign:

  • All Electricity Bills
  • All Gas network Bills
  • All PTCL Bills

No water sanitation, internet, telecom, society charges will be entertained under cashback reward campaign.

Debit Card Annual Fee Waiver:

In order to be eligible for Debit Card fee waiver, the following criteria needs to be met:

Account holder who continued to pay his/her utility bills even after the completion of the campaign for a period of next 12 months will be eligible for a waiver in Debit card renewal fee for following year

Period 1st November, 2020 to 31st October, 2021
Minimum # of Bills 24
Minimum Bills Paid Amount Rs. 80,000/-

Terms & Conditions Apply

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is eligible for Utility Bill Campaign (UBC)?

    • All New to Bank (NTB) individuals who open an account with ABL after 4th May 2020.
    • All existing account holder (ETB) who activated their debit card after 3rd May 2020.
    • All existing account holders registered and activated e-banking after 3rd May and start paying Utility bills via ATM/ myABL.

    Eligibility under all the categories above is by payment of a minimum of 6 utility bills consecutively for 3 months amounting to a minimum accumulation of Rs. 20,000/-. These bills are to be paid through either the ATM or myABL.

    What type of accounts may be opened?

    Any type of account maybe opened including current or saving or Asaan according to his profile.

    How long will this campaign continue?

    The term of campaign will remain effective as follows:

    • For account opening: Starting from 4th May 2020 till 30th July 2020 &
    • Bill payment via ATM/ e-banking Starting from 4th May 2020 up till 31st October, 2020

    What type of bills are included?

    Electricity, Gas Company & PTCL bills only will be considered for reward under of this campaign.

    What types of Debit cards would be considered in this campaign?

    All type of Debit cards would be considered for the purpose of campaign.

    What will be the reward amount?

    • If a customer opens a new current account the reward upon utility bill payment will be upto Rs.1, 000
    • If a customer opens a new account (other than current) the reward upon utility bill payment will be upto Rs. 500
    • If a current account holder activates his ATM Debit card the reward upon utility bill payment will be upto Rs 500
    • If a non-current account holder activates his ATM Debit card the reward upon utility bill payment will upto be Rs 250

    Note: all the rewards are subject to meeting the specified criteria as specified in point 1 above.

    How would I know about the reward?

    • By SMS on registered phone number
    • By email on registered email ID

    How can I get the reward Money and when?

    Reward money would be credited in the account after completion of the campaign i.e. after 31st October, 2020.

    What if I have multiple accounts?

    A customer may execute 6 bill payment transactions of Rs 20,000 using his different accounts. It is not necessary to route all transactions from one account. That his is subject to single CP the customer/CP number should remain same.

    It is worth noting that in case of multiple accounts type the reward will be of lowest category.