Everyday Accounts

Allied Bank offers everyday bank accounts for day to day banking and savings.

Spend a few minutes to explore our everyday bank accounts.

An appropriate bank account leads to achieve transactional and savings objectives. Figure out exactly where your money goes. Have an accurate picture of what you spend and what you save. In these times, SAVING your hard earned money and spending conveniently for your daily routine expenses remain priority and your everyday account should be able to work for you.

Allied Khanum Account

Exclusively Personalized Account for WOMEN!

Allied Asaan Account

Now you can open a bank account with a deposit of Rs. 100/- only.

Current Account

Allied Bank’s Pakistani Rupee-based non-remunerative Current Account perfectly suits your banking.

Allied Express Account

Get your loved ones to open an Allied Express account You can now receive ...

Allied Easy Current Account

Looking for an account with NO Service Charges on low balances? Allied Easy Current ...

Allied Basic Banking Account

This account is suitable for customers looking to avoid minimum balance requirements and operate ...

Allied Rising Star

More than 30,000 children are now Allied Rising Stars!

PLS Savings Account

With Profit & Loss Sharing (PLS) – Saving Account, you get all the checking ...

Allied Youth Account

You have the power to make dreams a reality.

Allied Youth Asaan Account

You have the power to make dreams a reality.

Allied Senior Citizen Account

Current account for senior citizens of 55 years or above

Allied Senior Citizen Asaan Account

Current account for senior citizens of  55 years or above