Allied Senior Citizen Asaan Account

Exclusive Features*

  • Current account for senior citizens of  55 years or above
  • Allied Paypak Debit Card
  • 2 free online transactions per month
  • Free e-statements
  • Free myABL Internet Banking access
  • Free medical health card
  • Offering up to 30% discounts at labs (Unlimited)
  • Accidental death/disability insurance coverage up to Rs.500,000 (Upto age 69 yrs.)
  • Hospitalization coverage of up to Rs.6,000 per day (Upto age 65 yrs.)
  • Pay Anyone (send cash to any CNIC holder even without any account)
  • No monthly fee on maintaining average balance of Rs.50,000 (A fee for Additional Services Rs. 140/- will be charged in case of non maintenance.)

*Terms and Conditions Apply.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Q- What is age required to open a senior citizen account? Any person (male/female), who is a Pakistani resident, and is or above the age of 55, can apply for Senior Citizen Account. Q- What are the documents required opening senior citizen account? Following Documents are required to open senior Citizen Account.

    • A Valid CNIC
    • Income Proof

    Q- Is there any minimum balance requirement for account Opening? Account may be opened from the as low cash as Rs.1,000/- Q- Is there any minimum balance requirement? Yes, Minimum balance requirement is Rs.50, 000/- Q- Is senior citizen Account a saving or current? Senior Citizen Account is offered as current account only. Q- What are the account maintenance charges? Rs 140/month will be charged if the balance falls from Rs 50,000/- Q- What would be the charges of Cheque Book? Cheque Book of 50 leaves will be absolutely free of cost every year. Subsequent Cheque Book will be charged as per SOC. Q- What would be the charges of ATM Visa Debit Card? ATM Visa Debit Card will be issued free of cost as well as there will be no Annual Fee for the first year. However, subsequently annual fee will be charged as per SOC. Q- What if customer does not maintain Rs 50,000/- in Allied Senior Citizen Asaan Account? Rs 140/month will be charged if the balance falls from Rs 50,000/ in Allied Senior Citizen Asaan Account.  Q- What if customer fails to maintain Rs 50,000/- for consecutive 3 month? If the customer does not fulfill the balance requirement and his balance is also too low to deduct Account Maintenance charges of Rs 140/- the insurance service/ coverage will become inactive. However, same may be resumed upon maintenance of one month balance.  Medical Health Card Q- What is this medical health Card? Medical health Card is an exclusive card, offered to Allied Senior Citizen Account Holder, that  will take care of their health issues. By virtue of this card, the account holder can avail discounts on their hospitalization charges as well as on different Labs. Q- Is there any charges for this Card? No medical Health Card will be allotted absolutely free of cost. Q- Is there any activation required for this Medical Card? No activation will be required for Medical Card Q- What are the eligibility criteria for Medical Health Card? Opening of Senior Citizen account is the only criteria for availing Medical Health Card. Q- Is there any expiry for it? Medical health Card will just be show card and will be valid unless and until ABL has arrangement with insurance Company Q- What is the renewal Process? No renewal is required for medical heath card. Q- What are discounted Lab Services? By showing health card on specified Labs, senior citizens may avail discounts. Q- What is the Limit for Health Card? There will be no Limit on Health Card. Only percentage discounts will be applicable. Q- How many and which labs can be accessed to avail Lab Discounts? Currently, following Lab Discounts are available.

    No Labs Name Cities No. Of Centers Discount
    1 City Lab Karachi 8 Labs 30%
    2 Essa Lab Karachi 11 Labs 20%
    3 Sindh Lab Karachi 17 Labs 20%
    4 Chughtai Lab Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Gujranwala, Multan, Quetta, Peshawar, & Other Cities 162 Labs 20%
    5 Excel Lab Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Peshawar & Other Cities 36 Labs 25%

    Q- What would be the procedure of reporting Lost Medical Card? In case of Loss of Medical Card, customer will report to the Insurance Company on the contact number provided on the card. Q- Where should we complain if there comes an issue in Medical Card Acceptability? In case of any issue of Medical Card acceptance, customer will contact to the Insurance Company on the number provided on the card. Accidental Life Insurance Q-Is there any Insurance facility associated with Senior Citizen Account? Senior Citizen account holders will be insured against accidental death up to Rs.500, 000/- Q-What is Accidental life Insurance? As per this feature, the legal heirs of the Senior Citizen Account holder will get Rs.500, 000/- in case of accidental death. Q- Eligibility for Accidental Life Insurance? Opening of Senior Citizen Account is the only criteria. In Hospitalization Income Q- What type of diseases are covered in Health insurance? Excluding HIV, rest of all diseases are covered in Health Insurance  Q- How many Hospitalizations are covered? IHI benefit is for a maximum of 30days per hospitalization with no cap on the number of hospitalization during a year  Q-In which hospitals this card will be acceptable? In hospitalization benefit will be provided on reimbursement basis. So, can be availed from any hospital. However a “Hospital” means an establishment which meets all of the following requirements:

    • holds a license as a hospital , if licensing is required in the country or governmental jurisdiction;
    • operated primarily for the reception, care and treatment of sick, ailing or injured persons as in-patients;
    • provides 24-hour a day nursing service by registered or graduate nurses;
    • has a staff of one or more physicians available at all times;
    • provides organized facilities for diagnosis and major surgical procedures;
    • is not primarily a clinic, nursing, rest or convalescent home or similar establishment and is not, other than incidentally, a place for alcoholics or drug addicts;
    • Maintains X-ray equipment and operating room facilities.

    Online Transaction Q-How many online transactions are free of cost in Senior Citizen Account? Two online transactions per month are free Q- Is there any Limit on amount of online transaction? Limits on amount of online transactions will be followed as defined in SOC. Others Q-What is e-SOA? You can view the account statement at your provided email ID, absolutely free of cost bi-annually. For this you have to provide a Valid Email ID at the time of account opening. Q-What is Pay Anyone? Senior Citizen Account Holder may send the cash to any non-account holder across Pakistan using My ABL as well as through branch.

  • ATMs
    You get 24 hour, 365 day access to cash from any ATM throughout the country as well as overseas with debit card. You can also deposit cash or cheques at the Cash Deposit Machines installed in various cities and transfer money between your Allied Bank accounts.
  • POS
    You can pay for clothes, petrol, groceries or eating out using your debit card on a POS machine. Over 50,000 outlets throughout Pakistan accept POS.
  • Allied Phone Banking
    You can pay bills, transfer funds and get account balances simply by picking up your registered phone and calling our UAN number 111-225-225.
  • myABL Internet Banking
    You can pay bills, transfer funds, pay cash to anyone in Pakistan, order your cheque book, get account balances and statements at your convenience through myABL – Internet Banking. The service is smart enough to recognize your access channel and convert the website into a lighter version for mobile phones.
  • Branch Banking
    You can have transactions handled by our staff at your nearest branch. To locate Allied Bank’s branch in your region, click here.
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