Allied Youth Account

Current account for individuals aged 18 to 35 years of age having following lucrative features;

Exclusive Features*

  • Current account for individuals aged 18 to 35 years of age
  • Branded Youth Debit Card
  • 2 free online transactions per month
  • Corporate Internship Opportunity
  • Free myABL Internet Banking access
  • Free access to discount mobile app offering “Buy one & get one free” on 700+ outlets
  • Free accidental insurance coverage up to Rs.500,000
  • Pay Anyone (send cash to any CNIC holder even without any account)
  • No monthly fee on maintaining average balance of Rs.50,000* for customers aged 26-35 and Rs.10,000* for customers aged 18-25 (A fee for Additional Services Rs. 50/- will be charged in case of non maintenance.)

*Terms and Conditions Apply.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Where from can I download the Vouch 365 application?

    If you are an iPhone user, you can download it from Apple Store & similarly, if you are an android phone user, it can be downloaded from Play Store.

    1. What credentials do I provide to sign up for the application?

    The email and phone number provided at time of account opening are to be provided for sign up.

    1. Do I need to activate my debit card to avail the discounts offered by Vouch 365?


    1. How do I activate the Vouch 365 app to avail discounts?

    Once the account & Debit Card are active, please call ABL helpline 111-225-225 to request for premium PIN issuance. The Premium PIN will be sent to your registered mobile number via SMS and will be used for activation.

    1. How do I set PIN for transaction once I have activated the application?

    As soon as you activate the Vouch 365 application, you will be prompted to enter your 4 digit secret PIN. This PIN will be used for redemption at outlets and can be reset from Profile Tab.

    1. How do I avail/ redeem the discounts once the Vouch365 app is activated?

    Redemption of discounts can be carried out by following the procedure mentioned as instructions inside the profile Tab of Vouch 365 Application i.e.

    • Discover

    Select your location and discover all the offers available to you.

    • Explore

    At a glance, explore the offers available to you.

    • Profile

    Visit the outlet profile including available locations, contact details and amenities offered.

    • Redeem

    Redeeming your offers is quick & simple. Enter your PIN and let the outlet manager enter his PIN to complete the transaction.

    1. When can I avail the discounts?

    All offers can be utilized, at any time during regular opening hours of outlet, unless specified.

    1. What if there is connectivity problem and I am unable to redeem the discount at outlet?

    In such a scenario, kindly call Vouch 365 helpline for manual redemption.

    1. If I am from Lahore, will I be able to use discounts at Karachi (or any other city added in future) as well?


    1. If I redeemed a particular Voucher in app, will I be able to use it again in future?

    Yes. The Vouchers will be refreshed fortnightly.

    1. In which Cities Vouch 365 is acceptable?

    Currently, Vouch 365 is acceptable in below cities. However, more cities will be added time to time.

    1. Karachi
    2. Islamabad
    3. Nathia Gali
    4. Hyderabad
    5. Rawalpindi
    6. Abbottabad
    7. Lahore
    8. Murree

    12. Where Should register my complain if I face any issue regarding Vouch 365?

    If customer faces any difficulty during redemption, activation or any other product related issues, he may call on Helpline: Entertainer Asia (Vouch365) UAN: 111-IVOUCH (486824).

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