Allied Advance Profit Plus Payment

Earn Profit in Advance

Ideal for,

  • Individuals who intend to start banking for the first time and want to build a profitable relationship with a strong, stable and big bank.
  • Parents who are already saving and intend to invest for the best and immediate returns on their savings to conveniently meet their children’s education, marriage and other family expenses.
  • Businessmen who are looking for an opportunity to earn instant profit against their savings in order to meet their personal and business expenses
  • Salaried Individuals who want to invest their savings and earn profit in advance to beat the inflation.
  • Non-Resident Pakistanis (NRPs) who want to invest their remittances in a scheme which gives them immediate advance profit to be utilized for their near and dear ones back home.
  • Institutions who want to retain their savings by earning advance profit to meet their cashflow needs.

Payment Frequency and Profit Rate

Term Profit in Advance

12 Months

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*on investment of Rs. 100,000/-


  • Auto Rollover option available at maturity on prevailing profit rates as per customer’s instructions
  • Option of Premature Encashment also available