Solar-powered Branch

Modern Banking Services – Powered by Nature.

Solar-powered branches demonstrates Allied Bank’s commitment towards healthy and clean environment by reducing its carbon footprint. This unique initiative also sets direction for effective utilization of solar power opportunities in Pakistan. At the present time of national energy crisis, the solar power project could be very helpful in balancing and meeting the present challenges of this sector.

  • Solar-powered Branches

    Branch Name Branch Address Branch Contact No.
    Green Town, Lahore 273 Block 5 D-II Green Town, Lahore 042-35123310
    Corporate Branch, Gulberg, Lahore 7-E/3, Main Boulevard, Opp Center Point Gulberg-III, Lahore 042-35764014
    Block-Z, DHA, Lahore Plot NO.21, Block-Z, DHA, Lahore 042-35693109
    Chandni Chowk, Rawalpindi Plot NO.B-132,Ground Floor, ABL Building, Chandni Chowk, Murree Road, Rawalpindi 051-4427575
    Bank Square, Muzaffarabad Bank Square Chattar, Muzaffarabad A.K. 05822-921466
    Samanabad Branch, Lahore 64-Samanabad, 1st Round about, Lahore 042-37575507
    Garden Town, Lahore 32-Garden Block, New Garden Toen, Lahore 042-35862730
    Chowk Rashidabad, Multan Chowk Rashidabad, Multan 061-6211801-4
    Masjid Road, Nawabshah C.S.NO.79, Ward-A, Masjid Road, Nawabshah 0244-9330068
    F-10, Markaz, Islamabad Plot NO.6-A, F-10 Markaz, Islamabad 051-2290421
    New Sadiq Bazar, Rahimyar Khan Plot No. 72, New Saduiq Bazar, Rahim Yar Khan 068-5887225
    Gulshan-E-Maymar Branch, Karachi SB Plot # 002 Sector-X, Sub Sector-IV, Gulshan-E-Mayamar, Karachi 021-36833014
    New Sabzi Mandi Branch, Karachi SHOP NO.25,  New Sabzi Mandi, Super, Highway, Karachi. 021-368705340
    Cantt Branch, Lahore PLOT NO.1190 & 1266/B, Bangali Mohallah, Tufail Road, Lahore Cantt, Lahore 042-36613503
    Jouhar Town, Lahore 6 A , Maulana Shaukat Ali Rd, Johar Town Lahore 042-35223183
    DHA Phase-1, Rawalpindi Plot NO.A1-71/SR, DHA Phase-1, Rawalpindi 051-5789381
    Dubai Chowk Branch, Bahawalpur House NO.7-A, Model Town A, Ahmed Pur Road, Near Dubai Chowk, Bahawalpur 062-2731992
    G-8, Islamabad Polt NO.56, I & T Centre, Sector G-8/1, Islamabad 051-2264917
    N-Block, Jouhar Town, Lahore Plot NO.1, Block N, M.A.Jauhar Town, Lahore 042-35312856
    Narowal Branch Khasra # 5625/4777/1054, 4774/1054, Khatooni # 1264 TO 1265, Khewat # 623, Narowal 054-2413749
    Bank Square, Bunder Road, Larkana CS NO.1905, Ward-A, Bank Square, Bunder Road, Larkana 074-9410872
    Khyaban-E-Jinnah Housing Society, Lahore Plot # 41, Airline Society, Khyaban-e-Jinnah Road, Lahore 042-35954934
    Model Branch, Block No. 1, Sargodha Model Branch, Block No.1, Liawat Market, Sargodha 0483-760989
    Faisal Town, Lahore 40 B Faisal Town Lahore 042-35218490-92
    Haider Road Township, Lahore Plot NO.412, Sector A-1, Haider Road, Twonship Lahore 042-35151145
    Jail More Allied Morr, Faisalabad Khewat 4592 Khatooni 6142/1 SQ 33-34, Khasara 1/2, 2/2, 5/6 Chak 122/JB, Opp PMC, Faisalabad 041-8813201
    Safoora Goth Branch, Karachi Plot NO. SB-26, Block-7, Scheme-36,Gulistan-e-Johar, Main University Road,Karachi P.C75270 021-34664324
    Main Market Gulberg, Lahore PLOT # 24-B,Gulberg II, Lahore 042-35763160
    Jhang Road, Faisalabad SQUARE NO.43, Chak No.220/R.B., Gulfishan Colony, Jhang Road, Adjacent To Usama Bin Zaid Public High School, Faisalabad  041-2551485
    Port Qasim, Karachi Shop No.4,5,8, & 9 Plot No.CP-6/1,Plot Future Zone, Port Qasim Authority,Bin Qasim, Karachi 021-34720437
    Model Town, D.G. Khan Plot NO.2501-XVII, Block NO.18, Jam Pur Road, Dera Ghazi Khan 064-2469762
    Muzaffargarh Branch Jhang Road, Muzaffargarh 0662-425024
    Chowk BCG, Multan Chowk BCG, Multan 061-4230550
    Trunk Bazar Trunk Bazar, Rawalpindi 051-5770230
    Hayatabad Phase 7, Peshawar Plot NO.19, PC-10918, Sector E-08, Phase-VII, Stage-1, Office Enclave, Hayatabad, Peshawar 091-5890616
    DHA Phase II, Islamabad Plot NO.03, Jinnah Boulevard, Sector B, DHA, Phase-II, Gate 01, District Islamabad 051-5162331
    Madina Town (Bismillah Chowk) Faisalabad. 57-Z, 8.S.R. Madina Town Faisalabad  041-8720955
    Baghbanpura, Lahore Plot NO.SE-I-R-172, G.T.Road, Baghbanura, Lahore 042-36826872
    Amin Town, Faialabad KHE 1694, KHA 2101, Khas 38/18/1 & 18/2 Qitta 2, Canal Road ADJ. Saleemi CNG, Chak 213, Faisalabad  041-2421295
    Main Branch, Chiniot Khewat NO. 402, Khatooni NO. 459, Mohallah Garha Chiniot, District Jhang   047-6337785
    Mandi Faizabad Branch Khasra.177/176,Khatooni 108,124,Khewat 5/5,5/5,Mandi Faizabad, Nankana Sahib 056-2882456-7
    Adda Nandipur Branch P.O. Rasoolpur Bhallian, Tehsil & Distt Sialkot 052-3545124
    Fazal Abad Branch Adda Fazal Abad, Chiniot Road, Jhang 047-7671298
    Shahkot District, Nankana Kkhatooni NO. 696 TO 712, Khasra NO. 17, Sangla Hill Bazar, Shahkot Dist.Nankana Sahib  056-3711314
    Jinnah Colony, Faisalabad P-87, Jinnah Colony, Faisalabad  041-2603365
    Jaranwala Road, Faisalabad Khewat No. 6740, Khatooni No. 14767, Khasra No. 10, Jaranwala Road Faisalabad   041-8720596
    Small Industrial Estate, Sahiwal Plot No. 19-20/B, Admin Block, Small Industrial Estate, Sahiwal 040-4502707-8
    Sargodha Road, Faisalabad P-70, Khewat No. 1417, Khatooni No. 2293, Bollay De Jhugi, Sargodha Road, Faisalabad 041-9210113, 041-8581660