Allied Digital Lockers

Pakistan’s first ever Automated Robotic Lockers

Allied Digital Lockers have been equipped with multi-layered verification process for customer security. Digital Lockers allow customers to access their lockers without assistance of bank staff with complete privacy and convenience.

  • Automated Lockers’ features

    • Hassle free and convenient operation
    • Advanced Verification Tools(AVT)
    • Privacy and security
    • 24/7, 365 days access

  • How can you avail?

    • Just open an account in designated ABL branch where Digital Locker facility is available and request a Debit Card.
    • Fill in a simple application form, get registered and you are good to go*.

    * Currently available at DHA Phase VI, Lahore Branch only.

  • How will you operate?

    • Enter the secure Digital Locker room using your ABL Debit Card.
    • Insert your Card followed by finger impression and pin code on the terminal.
    • Your very own locker will be automatically provided for necessary operation.
    • Once you have taken or placed your valuables, click on the ‘Deposit’ button on the terminal screen to deposit your locker again in the safe.

  • How is it secure?

    • Strong Metal door shall only be accessed by Locker Holder through his/her Debit Card.
    • Multi-layer verification:
      • ATM Debit Card
      • Bio-metric verification
      • PIN code
      • Physical key to open the box
    • Comprehensive CCTV surveillance system with a display in the Digital Locker Room.
    • Digital Locker Room is not accessible if it is under operation or in use.
    • Burglary alarm inside the Digital Locker Room for the safety of the user.
    • For any assistance, Hotline has been provided, inside the Digital Locker Room.
    • Security guards are deployed at entrance door 24/7.