Foreign Exchange Services

Individuals can directly remit funds through their ABL account to any reputable foreign hospital, Educational Insititute, and for Foreign Exchange purpose for travel abroad.

Allied Bank offers foreign exchange services to individuals for remittance(s) of medical treatment, foreign studies and availing foreign exchange while traveling abroad.

  • FX Remittances for Medical Treatment

    You can remit funds from your ABL account for medical treatment of your loved ones.

    Terms & conditions

    • You can remit foreign exchange upto US$ 50,000/- or equivalent in other foreign currencies on account of medical treatment of Pakistani resident.
    • Remittances should be sent directly to the account of concerned reputable foreign Hospital via SWIFT, telegraphic transfer or demand draft after obtaining the necessary documents.


  • FX Remittances for Educational Expenses

    You can remit funds from your account to the educational institutions abroad.

    Allied Bank facilitates individuals to studying in accredited and recognized foreign institutions/universities for the educational expenses like:

    • Application/Processing charges for admission
    • Tuition fee, living expenses etc.
    • Initial cash foreign exchange requirements

    Terms & conditions:

    • You can remit foreign exchange US$ 70,000/- or equivalent in other foreign currencies per calendar year to educational institutions abroad on account of application / processing charges, tuition fee, living expenses etc.
    • Funds will be directly remitted to the foreign educational institutions/universities.
    • Funds can be remitted to multiple foreign educational institutions/universities.
    • Documents required for remittance of tuition fee, living expenses and other dues (health, insurance, union, sports, library fees etc.)
      • Application Form duly filled in by the student/ parent/guardian.
      • Copies of Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) /Form ‘B’ of the student and CNIC of the parent/guardian.
      • Copy of passport of the student.
      • Admission letter from foreign educational institution.
      • Letter/Cost Sheet from foreign educational institution showing break-up of expenses.
    • Living or miscellaneous expenses as indicated by the respective foreign institution/ university, if not being remitted to the institution, can, however, be sent to the student himself via SWIFT, telegraphic transfer or demand draft.
    • In order to meet the initial expenses related to boarding/lodging and/or other requirements of the student, foreign exchange equivalent to US$ 5,000/- can be remitted to the student which should be endorsed on his/her passport.

  • FX Remittances Travel

    You can avail foreign exchange to fulfill your needs while travelling abroad.

    Terms & conditions

    • Pakistani resident can avail U.S. $50/-per day per person subject to a maximum of US$2,100 per calendar year for travelling to countries other than Bangladesh and Afghanistan.
    • For Bangladesh U.S. $25/-per day per person and for India U.S. $100/-per day per person.
    • Following document will be required for release of foreign exchange to the traveler:
      • Passport
      • Ticket
      • Visa
      • National Identity Card
      • T-1 form duly completed

    For further information, please visit nearest ABL branch or call us on our helpline 111-225-225.

    Additional Features

    • Complete control over your banking requirements.
    • Extended Banking Hours and Saturday Banking
    • Wide network of 1000 branches and 900+ ATMs