Account Opening Form

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Please enter your Name, Contact Number, Email, select your City and mention your Area.
  • Download and print Account Opening Form along with Customer Profile.
  • Fill out the forms while at home or in the office and visit your nearest ABL branch for opening of account along with the following documents:
Account Opening

  • Documents Required for Opening of Accounts

    1) Identity Documents

    1.1) A photocopy of any one of the following valid identity documents duly attested by Gazetted Officer/ Nazim /Administrator or an Officer of the Bank:

    • Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)
    • Smart National Identity Card (SNIC)
    • National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistani (NICOP) [In case of Pakistanis holding dual nationality]
    • Pakistan Origin Card (POC) [In case of Foreign Nationals of Pakistani Origin]
    • Alien Registration Card (ARC) [In case of local currency accounts of Registered Aliens residing in Pakistan]
    • Valid Passport, having valid visa on it or any other proof of legal stay alongwith passport [In case of Foreign Nationals individuals]

    1.2) CNIC without Photograph:

    • copy of Birth Certificate/Educational Certificate or Degree/ Driving License/ Service Card/ Pension Book/ Nikkah Nama/ Insurance Certificate
    • A photograph duly attested by gazetted officer/ Nazim/ Administrator/bank officer
    • A copy of CNIC (without photograph), attested by the same person who attested the photograph (as per clause ‘b’ above)

    1.3) CNIC/SNIC with Thumb Impression:

    • A passport size photograph (If you do not want to open a “Photo Account”, please arrange a fresh CNIC/SNIC with signatures, from NADRA)

    1.4) Expired CNIC/SNIC:

    • Attested copy of NADRA Receipt / Token for issuance of new card
    • Attested copy of expired CNIC/SNIC

    1.5) Shaky/Immature Signatures:

    • A passport size photograph

    2) Documents Required for Individual Accounts (in addition to aforementioned Identity Documents)

    2.1) Salaried Persons:

    • Attested copy of Service Card/Salary Slip
    • A Certificate from the Employer

    2.2) Students:

    • Attested Copy of latest & valid identity card of Educational Institute or Letter from the Educational Institute.
    • Proof of earning of father/ mother / guardian of student

    2.3) Retired Persons:

    • Attested Copy of Evidence/ Proof of Retirement

    2.4) Landlords (Agriculture Property):

    • Attested copy of Passbook of Landholding Records

    2.5) Landlords (Non-Agricultural Property):

    • Attested copy of Rent Agreement of building / office / house etc

    2.6) Blind & Visionary Impaired Persons (In addition to above documents, as applicable):

    • A Photograph of the blind/visionary impaired person
    • Attested Copy of CNIC/SNIC of witness (known to the blind /visionary impaired person)

    2.7) Illiterate Persons (In addition to above documents, as applicable):

    • A Photograph of the Illiterate person
    • Attested Copy of CNIC/SNIC of witness (known to the Illiterate person)

    2.8) Foreign National Individuals:

    • For businessmen, Certificate from Board of Investment
    • For salaried individuals:
      • Attested copy of Service Card/Salary Slip
      • Certificate from the Employer)

Note: Please ensure to bring your Original Identity Card and Other Documents while visiting the branch for opening of account.