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fintech hackathon

The stage is set once again for the brightest minds in Pakistan to showcase their innovative prowess in the world of fintech.


Gear up for the 3rd Allied Bank Fintech Hackathon!

Calling all innovators, students, Fintech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and aspiring startup founders to send in your ideas, prototypes or ready solutions.

The Hackathon will provide participants with a platform to develop and showcase innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of customers in the digital age.

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Explore Our Thematic Areas

Our Thematic Areas have been gathered directly from those who operate in the Fintech space and, as a result, face these challenges regularly.

#1 Innovative Authentication Mechanisms

In an era where digital transactions are increasingly prevalent, ensuring secure and reliable user authentication is paramount. However, traditional authentication methods, such as passwords and security questions, are becoming less effective due to their vulnerability to hacking, phishing, and other forms of cyber-attacks.

Allied Bank is looking for innovative authentication mechanisms that are not only more secure but also user-friendly and accessible. Authentication solutions should balance robust security with ease of use integrating advanced technologies like touchless biometrics and password-less authentication while catering to two-factor authentication standards and considering factors such as user privacy, technological inclusivity, and resistance to emerging cyber threats. International standards of authentication factors include: something you know, something you have, and something you are.

#2 Transform ‘myABL’ into an ‘Integrated Digital Platform’

The challenge lies in transforming a conventional banking application into a comprehensive and integrated digital platform. This involves expanding the app’s functionality beyond traditional banking services to include a wide range of daily needs and lifestyle services.

Allied Bank is looking to transform ‘myABL Digital Banking App’ into an ‘Integrated Digital Platform’ that integrates various use cases / services like e-commerce, bill payments, ticket bookings, and many more, within a single platform. Allied Bank is interested to explore services that enhance customer experience and engagement with ‘myABL Digital Banking App’.




#3 Integrating Generative AI to Enhance Banking Experience

Create an AI model that can autonomously design personalized financial products or services for customers based on their transaction history and preferences. This AI should be capable of analysing vast amounts of data to identify unique customer needs, predict future financial trends, and generate innovative banking solutions.

The solution must prioritize ethical AI practices, data security, and compliance with financial regulations, while demonstrating potential for scalability and practical implementation in the banking industry.

#4 Leveraging SBP-RAAST Payments

Develop RAAST related use-cases by utilizing Allied Bank’s RAAST P2P API to facilitate real-time payments and promote financial inclusion by reducing dependency on cash and traditional banking methods.





Win Up to PKR 1.5 Million in Prize Money!

Grab your opportunity to compete for PKR 1.5 Million (First Prize), PKR 1 Million (Runner-Up) and PKR 0.5 Million (Third Prize).
The top teams will have the chance to attend a comprehensive Bootcamp to refine their pitching skills, participate in an innovation challenge before industry expert judges and finally pitch at the Grand Finale.


Eligibility Requirements

Before you apply, make sure that:

  • You’re over 18 years of age.
  • You have all the required documents for the application form
  • You have an idea, prototype or startup in the fintech space
  • Your submission is related to one or more of the thematic areas

What are you waiting for?


Note: Incomplete application forms will not be accepted

Join Our Mission:

Scale Your Fintech Innovation

After the successful completion of two hackathons, Allied Bank is delighted to announce the third edition. We hope to support fintech enthusiasts including entrepreneurs and students who want to innovate and be a part of the
ever-growing Pakistani entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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