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Q1- Will I have to obtain any approval for sending funds from my RDA account to abroad?

No, you don’t require any approval for sending funds abroad.

Q2- Kindly confirm the process of Joint Account opening procedure of both applicants?

Customer will input details & applicable documents of all joint account holders in the onboarding portal. Once the application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the Centralized desk.

Q3- Documentation required for joint account holder to be submitted.

All documents as of the primary applicant will be required.

Q4- Who will receive confirmation/KYC/DAO officer call backs in joint account scenario?

Link will be sent to the verified email address registered by the customer at the onboarding request. All joint account holders shall be available on the call as per the scheduled time.

Q5- Is FACTA confirmation is necessary?

Yes. Customer will confirm the FATCA status during the onboarding request. It will be displayed to you while going through the customer onboarding journey.

Q6- At which time bank representative will call me as I am residing in a country having time difference with Pakistan?

At the end of the onboarding journey, you will select your convenient time for video call. Bank representative will establish recorded video call with the customer using the provided link.

Q7- Confirmation of TAT for account regularization?

For RDA, TAT for review and KYC of the account is 48-Hours from submission of onboarding application.

Q8- What is the TAT for cheque Book and Debit card delivery?

As soon as the account is opened and funds are made available in the account, cheque book & ATM Debit card (if requested during onboarding) will be sent at your registered address through courier.

Q9- What if I close the onboarding portal before completion of the application?

It will not create any problem; you just have to fill in the basic details fields and system will take you to the point where you have left.

Q10- How much time it can take to complete the onboarding application?

It might take 15~20 minutes if you keep the required documents available prior to start the journey.

Q11- Can I amend/ update the information before submission of application?

Yes. At each step, a ‘Back’ button has been made available to go back to previous fields. In addition, a review screen will be displayed to you at the end of the process.

Q12- When bank will inform me the status of my application?

You will be informed through email at the time of submission of application, successful review by the bank representative and at successful opening of account

Q13- For OTP, which medium bank will use?

To ensure that you have provided the correct information free of typographical errors, bank will send OTP at your email address in the start and at the time of submission of application.

Q14- For how much time OTP will remain valid?

OTP will remain valid for ‘5’ minutes

Q15- How I will make investment in the Naya Pakistan Certificate?

Upon successful opening of your Roshan Digital Account, you will create password for a dedicated transaction portal from where you can request investments in Naya Pakistan Certificates.

Q16- Can I invest in Islamic Naya Pakistan Certificates as well?

Yes, bank is offering investment in both conventional & Islamic Naya Pakistan Certificates.

Q17- Can I open RDA account in currency other than Pakistani Rupee?

Yes, you can open RDA in Pakistani Rupee as well as in USD, GBP and Euro in ABL.

Q18- How can I activate Debit Card?

Once you receive the Debit card, you shall call ABL Helpline at +92 21 35301094 from your registered number for card activation.

Q19- Can I open ABL Roshan digital account in case I already maintain an account in the ABL?

Yes, you can open a Roshan Digital Account as well.

Q20- How Can I Access funds available into my Roshan Digital Account?

You can access your account globally via Mobile App/Internet Banking to execute local fund transfers, Mobile Top Ups & Bill Payments. The debit card and Cheque book can also be used for the same objective.

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