Cash Management Solutions

Offering a wide range of transactional banking services to meet our Customer’s complex cash management needs.

Financial Institutions

ABL’s Financial Institutions team is in charge of establishing and maintaining institutional banking relationships with correspondent banks across the globe. The division aims to facilitate all areas of international banking operations inclusive of Trade, Treasury, Guarantees and nostro / vostro relationships. ABL has internationally renowned banks such as JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank, Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, Mashreqbank etc. in its existing list of correspondent banks, thus enabling ABL to adequately cover the need of its clients.

The bank also has trade finance facilitation agreements in place with International Finance Corporation (IFC) Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Cash Management

The Cash Management team focuses on our Corporate customers’ need for Collections and Payments across the country. Tailor- made products and transactional structures are developed for customers as well as a host of MIS reporting options for receivables management and handling of disbursements/ payouts.

Through our value added proposition, ABL’s cash management team strives to deliver the best combination of services to corporate clients and their suppliers, dealers, vendors and employees nationwide

Allied Bank Ltd. Representative Office Dubai

ABL’s Dubai Representative Office, established in 2011, focuses on liaison with leading Financial Institutions, Exchange Companies and other financial entities in the UAE & the Gulf, to enhance ABL’s visibility and positioning in this important International Financial Market. The Representative Office will be critical in identifying new business opportunities for ABL’s domestic operations. ABL Representative Office can be contacted at [email protected]