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  • You can use your account any time with your parent’s or guardian’s help.
  • Whenever you need to deposit money, you can take help from your guardian.
  • Once you become an Allied Rising Star, you will be having two accounts; your main account will have all the money that you deposit in it and the second account is your Wallet Account, in which all your profit is collected.
  • Single debit transaction is restricted to Rs, 100,000/- in ARS accounts

  • An account opening gift.
  • Your first bank account certificate to be the pride of your bedroom wall
  • A cash box for you to save money everyday
  • Your personalized ID card that you can show to you friends and family
  • A gift on your birthday every year.
  • A Debit Card to use anywhere in the world. This Card will give your parent/guardian access to both your accounts.
  • 2 cheque books – one to go with your main account and the second one with your Wallet Account
  • Internet Banking facility to access your account any time, any where
  • SMS Alerts for extra convenience
  • Free Insurance Cover of up to Rs. 500,000 in case of any mishap or misfortune

Q. What initial balance required to open Allied Rising star account?

The account can be opened with just PKR 100/-

Q. What is the difference between Allied Rising Star and Allied Youth Account?

Allied Rising Star is for children and youngsters below the age of 18. Whereas, Allied Youth Account is for youth from the age of 18 to 35 years.

Q. Can children under 18 open a bank account in Pakistan?

You can open a savings account for a child under the age of 18 with Allied Rising Star. It is a children’s pocket money account to save money and make a daily profit

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