Allied Banker’s Cheque

Allied Banker’s Cheque (ABC) is an instrument which has replaced the traditional Pay Orders and Demand Drafts.

Customers can use Allied Bankers Cheque to pay to those who are unwilling to accept cash or personal cheque.

  • Salient Features

    • This facility will be extended to the customers with accounts of active status.
    • Walk-in customers can also purchase Allied Bankers Cheque (up to the limit as prescribed from time to time).
    • Standard charges will be applicable on issuance of ABC in accordance with Schedule of Charges.
    • ABC can be cancelled at Issuing branch only.

  • How to Apply for ABC

    • Before applying for the issuance of ABC, please ensure provision of the following documents:
      Customer Status Requirements
      For existing customers Cheque and application
      For walk in customers Application and Copy of CNIC
    • Approach the branch along with cheque / cash and fill out Application Form for the issuance of ABC.
    • In case of Cheque, make sure:
      • Your cheque is in favour of ABL
      • Amount mentioned on your cheque and application form is same
      • Signature on your cheque and application form is same
      • Amount in words and figures is same
      • Your cheque is neither post-dated nor stale
      • Avoid cutting or overwriting on the cheque or application form

  • Benefits Attached to ABC

    • A mix of pay order and demand draft
    • Payable at any branch
    • Lesser time is required for beneficiary to get proceeds