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Clifton Beach Clean-up: Allied Bank Leads the Way

Clifton Beach Clean-up: Allied Bank Leads the Way

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Allied Bank has embarked upon a mission that has extended far beyond the walls of its branches; a cleaning drive starting from the Deosai plains and into the very heart of Karachi’s Clifton Beach. The purpose is to champion environmental conservation and ignite a sense of social responsibility amongst its employees and customers. 

Clifton Beach, often hailed as Karachi’s most popular seaside destination, offers breathtaking sea views and a host of leisure activities. However, this haven of natural beauty has long suffered from an affliction – an overwhelming amount of trash and plastic waste.

Trash Troubles at Clifton Beach: A Grim Picture:

Despite its charm, Clifton Beach has faced an ongoing struggle due to the lack of proper waste disposal facilities and a lack of awareness among the general public. This picturesque coastline had become marred by litter, casting a shadow over its allure.

A Communal Endeavor:

The clean-up initiative conducted on the 26th of September at Clifton beach was not a solo act; it was a communal effort where ABL’s senior management including but not limited to, Chief CRBG South, Chief BSG, Chief CIBG, and respective Group Heads, Divisional Heads, and Regional Heads, alongside other team members from other departments such as CRBG, BSG, TG, CIBG, A&RRG, CG, SEG GS&SG, HRG, IBG, RMG, and BMs posted at Karachi, all lent their support. 

There was an active participation from the Green Banking Officer & other senior members from Head Office, Lahore as well. . In total, over a hundred individuals, including ABL staff and a dedicated janitorial team, joined forces.

Rolling Up Our Sleeves:

The teams gathered at the iconic Nishan-e-Pakistan monument and set out to make a difference. They collectively covered a staggering area of more than 2 kilometres along the beach in sweltering heat . To ensure active participation, the teams were divided into 11 groups, each equipped with gloves, trash bags, sanitizers, and other essential materials. Their mission was clear: collect litter and debris from the beach and dispose it off responsibly, with the assistance of a team of 50-plus janitors and local govt.

Beyond Banking: Allied Bank’s Commitment to sustainable environment:

Allied Bank’s beach cleaning drive at Clifton Beach was more than just a clean-up; it was a testament to the bank’s commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility. By bringing together employees, customers, and  janitors, the Bank not only cleared the beach off litter but also raised awareness about the importance of preserving our natural treasures.

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