myABL WhatsApp Banking

Allied Bank introduces myABL WhatsApp Banking services which offer Financial Inquiries for the first time in Pakistan. No need to visit any ABL Branch or ATM for Balance Inquiry or Mini Statement.

Allied Bank has taken another initiative to  elevate customers experience by offering digital banking services over WhatsApp that offers banking services fit for today’s connected consumer expectations. myABL WhatsApp Banking service offers customers a highly convenient and efficient platform with ease of communicating 24/7 over a secure platform.

Benefits of using myABL WhatsApp Banking:

  • Bank is always accessible 24 x 7
  • Secure and convenient banking
  • Its Free of Charge – No charges applicable
  • Offer financial enquires and other services
  • Customer Support availability over Chat

 Start using myABL WhatsApp Banking:

Using myABL WhatsApp Banking is as simple as chatting with friends on WhatsApp. Customers need to simply add myABL WhatsApp number 0300 1225225 in their contact list and immediately start chatting by typing any message like Hi, Hello, Menu, etc.

Services offered on myABL WhatsApp banking:

1. Account Balance Inquiry: Check balance of all your accounts by typing 1 or Balance

2. Mini Statement: Get mini statement for any of your accounts by typing 2 or Statement

3. ATM & Branch Locator: Easily locate ATMs and Branches by typing 3 or Locator

4. Offers & Discounts: Check all available discounts and offers by typing 4 or Discounts

5. Chat with ABL: Customers can now chat with Bank’s representative 24/7 and get product information. To initiate a chat with agent, press 5 or type Chat in the main menu.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Are there any charges applicable for using myABL WhatsApp Banking?
    This service is free, ABL is not charging any fee to customers  

    Q: How to initiate a conversation in myABL WhatsApp Banking service?
    Simply add myABL WhatsApp number 0300 1225225 in your contacts and start chatting by typing any message like Hi, Menu, etc.  

    Q: Is Allied Bank offering WhatsApp banking service with any other number except 0300 1225225? No, myABL WhatsApp banking service is only available with the number 0300 1225225. Please verify the green check mark   and number 0300 1225225 for the trusted service.

    Q: Do I need to register for myABL WhatsApp Banking Service?
    myABL WhatsApp Banking service is available for everyone however to avail services of Account Balance Inquiry & Mini Statement a simple registration process automatically invokes once customer opts Account Balance Inquiry or Mini Statement option.

    You will be required to provide last four digits of your CNIC, accept Terms and conditions and enter the OTP (One Time Password) received on your registered mobile number to complete the registration process. Please do not share your OTP with anyone.

    Note: In case of change of mobile number in bank’s records separate registration will be required with new number on myABL WhatsApp banking services.  

    Q: I didn’t received OTP on my mobile number to complete the registration process, what should I do?
    Type “Send” in the myABL WhatsApp chat to request a new OTP. In case you have switched your mobile network, in order to update your mobile network please write MNP in SMS body and send this SMS to 9080 and 9225 to update your new mobile network.  

    Q: What type of accounts are allowed to register on myABL WhatsApp banking service?
    All Allied Bank “Individual” and Joint Account holders with operating instructions as “either or survivor” can utilize this service.  

    Q: Do I need to share any sensitive & personal information on myABL WhatsApp Banking service? Allied Bank never ask you to share your sensitive & personal information like Card or Account Information, PIN or Password etc. via WhatsApp. You are only required to input last 4 digit of your CNIC for one-time registration to avail this service.


*Terms & Conditions Apply. To view, Click here