Financial Consumer Protection Framework

Allied Bank Limited has developed Financial Consumer Protection Framework in order to build customer confidence in products and services offered by the Bank. This framework strives to create awareness about consumer rights and obligations while using the Bank’s products and services.

The Framework broadly provides guidelines in the areas of Consumer Facilitation, Sales and Marketing, Confidentiality of Consumer Information and Complaint Management.

The objective of formulating Financial Consumer Protection Framework at Allied Bank Limited is to ensure that:

  • Customers are treated fairly and equitably without any discrimination in provision of banking services.
  • Special assistance is provided to pensioners, senior citizens, disabled and handicapped persons in meeting their genuine banking needs.
  • Staff members are provided guidelines to deal customers fairly and provide them clear information about products and services of the Bank.
  • Clear and fair information is provided to the customers at the time of marketing the Bank’s products and services.
  • Clear and easily understandable information is provided to the customers to help them make informed decisions.
  • Customers are provided help to understand the features, benefits, risks and costs of financial products.
  • Grievance handling mechanism is provided to attend and promptly resolve complaints of the customers.
  • Confidentiality and secrecy of financial information of customers is maintained.

We greatly value feedback and suggestions of our valued customers. If you have a suggestion or a complaint, please contact us.