Islamic Banking

Sharia-compliant Islamic Banking from Allied Bank, you can believe in.

Islamic Banking Windows

We welcome our customers at Allied Islamic Banking Windows.

Islamic SME Financing

ABL-Islamic Banking is now offering reasonable range of Sharia Compliant Based Assets.

Islamic Banking Media Center

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Islamic Investment Certificates

A sharia-compliant mode of investment with variety of tenors and profit / loss distribution ...

Schedule of Charges

Download the latest Islamic Banking – Schedule of Charges.

Profit Rates

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Weightages and Profit Sharing Ratios

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Islamic Branches

We make it effortless for our customers to stop by our Islamic Branches.

Shariah Board Members

A humble introduction to our widely acclaimed Shariah Board members.

PER and IRR Policy

Profit Equalization Reserve (PER) & Investment Risk Reserve (IRR) Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Providing answers to frequently asked questions about Islamic Banking.

Islamic Banking Knowledge Center

Stay informed on events and offers related to Islamic Banking industry.

Islamic vs Conventional Banking

Know the conceptual difference between Allied Bank’s Islamic Banking and Conventional Banking.

Glossary (Islamic Banking)

Find the definitions to common Islamic Banking terms.