Allied EZCash Prepaid Card

Industry’s first Chip-enabled UPI & PayPak Co-badged Prepaid Card.

Allied EZCash is a re-loadable Co-Badged Prepaid Card which comes with the convenience of easy load/reload/top-up from any ABL branch. This card is issued from all ABL branches and can be used on ATM for cash withdrawal, bill payment, mobile top-ups and purchasing goods from merchants at Point of Sale (POS) machines within and outside Pakistan. The card can also be used for e-commerce transactions.

While Allied EZCash Prepaid Card is designed primarily to target the un-banked/walk-in customers, ABL’s existing customers/Accountholders can also avail this new product to manage and secure cash-in-hand.

  • Eligibility Criteria for Prepaid Card Issuance

    Individuals/ persons having valid CNIC/SNIC/NICOP who fulfill the application requirements and successfully verified through NADRA’s system can obtain Allied EZCash Prepaid Card from any ABL branch.

  • Maximum Aggregate Loadable Amount/Credit

    The total amount that can be loaded in a Prepaid Card in a calendar year either in one instance or multiple, including any balance amount carried over from the preceding year, should not exceed the allowed maximum limit as given below:

    • PKR 500,000 for customers verified biometrically.
    • PKR 100,000 for customers verified through NADRA Verisys/ Vernic (in case of failure of biometric verification).

  • Available Channels

    • ABL Branch
    • ATM – Local & International
    • Point of Sale (POS) – Local & International
    • myABL Digital Banking
    • Online Shopping (e-commerce)

    Your Allied EZCash Chip-enabled Prepaid Card is accepted at over 13,000 ATMs displaying 1Link sign and over 50,000 POS merchants in Pakistan as well as at millions of ATMs, POS and online merchants worldwide.

  • Transaction Limits

    Transaction Type Limits (PKR)
    ATM Cash Withdrawal Rs. 20,000 per day
    Point-of-Sale (POS)/ e-commerce Rs. 20,000 per day
    ATM Fund Transfer Rs. 20,000 per day
    ATM Bill Payment Rs. 50,000 per month

    Funds transfer (ABL to ABL) can be done on same CNIC between own Accounts only.
    Reload can be through any ABL branch by cash or by transfer cheque i.e. own account at parent branch.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: How do I apply for Allied EZCash Prepaid Card?
    A: Allied EZCash Prepaid Cards are issued from all ABL branches. Please visit your nearest branch to apply.
    Q: Once I receive my Allied EZCash Prepaid Card, how can I activate?
    A: Please call our 24×7 Customer Service helpline at 111-225-225 for activation of your Allied EZCash Prepaid Card.
    Q: Where can I use my Allied EZCash Prepaid Card?
    A: Your Allied EZcash Prepaid Card is accepted at 13,000 plus ATM’s displaying 1-Link sign and over 50,000 merchants in Pakistan as well as at millions of Union Pay ATM’s, POS (Point of Sale) and online merchants in more than 150 countries worldwide.
    Q: What kind of transactions can I do with my Allied EZCash Prepaid Card?
    The following transactions can be performed:
    • Cash withdrawal through ATM – Local & International
    • Utility bill payments
    • Funds Transfer
    • Purchase through Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminal – Local & International
    • Online Shopping (ecommerce)
    Q: How do I shop online with my Allied EZCash Prepaid Card?
    To use your Allied EZCash Prepaid Card for online shopping, please follow the steps mentioned below:
    • You need to activate your card for online shopping by calling Allied Phone Banking at 111-225-225 through your registered mobile number.
    •  After activation you can use your card on any online merchants accepting UPI cards.
    Q: What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?
    A: In case of lost/stolen cards, immediately call Allied Phone Banking at 111-225-225 to block/de-activate the card.
    Q: What do I do for the replacement of my previous card?
    A: For card replacement, customer must block/ de-activate previously issued card by calling Allied Phone Banking 111-225-225 and visit your issuing branch to place replacement request.
    Q: Is mobile number mandatory for the issuance of Prepaid Card?
    A: Yes, mobile number is mandatory requirement for the issuance of Prepaid Card.
    Q: How do I close Prepaid Card Account?
    A: Permanent closure of Prepaid Card Account can be done through parent branch where the Prepaid Card was issued first time and is subject to account closing processing charges as per Bank’s SOC.
    Q: How do I receive the remaining balance (if any) upon closure of my Prepaid Card Account?
    A: On closure of Prepaid Card Account, remaining balance less any applicable charges will be paid to the customer through Allied Bankers Cheque (ABC).
    Q: How do I reload my Allied EZCash Prepaid Card?
    A: Allied EZCash Prepaid Cards can be reloaded through branch counter or Fund transfer from own (same CNIC) account at Allied bank.
    Q: Would I receive my amount back if I am unable to activate my Prepaid Card?
    A: In case Prepaid Card Account is not regularized/ activated by bank or the customer is unable to activate Prepaid Card due to restriction from bank, full amount shall be refunded within 5 working days of receiving customer request.