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Whether you’re a fan of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, there is a place for you to engage with our communities.

This page is dedicated to our presence on social media. By taking part, you can interact with other like-minded individuals and professionals, express your opinions, share knowledge and be the first to get to know about products, services, and events at Allied Bank Limited.

Although our ABL team members have been on Twitter for quite a while now, we hadn’t set up a company account until now. Just in case you are one of those tech-savvy hipsters that got addicted to the online micro-blogging site Twitter or spend time on Facebook, we are happy to announce our official fan pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and  YouTube.

We have loads of exciting projects planned for months ahead. We also plan to use Twitter and Facebook for exclusive news updates, promotions, giveaways, and even addressing customers’ queries in a wholesome environment so Join us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, Watch us on YouTube today!