Branches and ATMs

Online Banking facilities are available to customers, maintaining accounts at all online branches across the country.

With branches across Pakistan and one of the largest banking machine networks in the country, you’ll always have quick and convenient access to your ABL Accounts and our wide array of banking services. Explore the services we offer in-branch and at our full service ATMs:

  • Branch Services

    • Open a new account
    • Withdraw, deposit and transfer funds
    • Apply for Debit/credit card
    • Convert one currency into another
    • Request bank statement
    • Request a bank draft
    • Make a bill or credit card payment
    • Rent a safe deposit locker, and more.

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  • Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)
    Account holders of all online branches can obtain Allied Visa Classic Debit Card for use at ATMs as well as at POS terminals. By using your Allied Debit Card at ABL ATM, you can perform the following activities:

    • Withdraw cash (up to your daily limit)
    • Transfer money between your accounts
    • Make bill payments, and credit card payments (for ABL Credit Cards only)
    • Make deposits (through selective 4 ABL ATMs only)
    • Get mini-statements for your bank and credit card accounts, and more.

    Need to find an ABL ATM nearby? View our List of ATMs.

  • Saturday Banking
    Selected Allied Bank Limited Branches are now open six days a week. In line with the Bank’s efforts to make banking services more convenient and accessible, it has been decided that selected ABL branches will remain opened on Saturday from 10:00 AM to 02:00 PM for public dealings. Saturday Banking services may include:

    • Cash receipt transaction (same day value)
    • Cash payment transaction (same day value)
    • Online transactions (same day value)
    • Collection of utility bills
    • Issuance of demand draft / pay order/ Allied Bankers Cheque / Travelers Cheque / Call Deposit Receipt (same day value)
    • Clearing of cheque and other related instruments. Cheques and instrument received for clearing on Saturday will be lodged for clearing on the next working day. However, instrument received for clearing on Saturday should be recorded in a plain register with following details.
    • Receipt of document for opening of LC’s on next working day

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