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BaKhabar Kissan

BaKhabar Kissan is Pakistan’s leading Agri-Tech company with the mission of transforming agriculture with Data and Technology and making the lives of more than 20 million agricultural workers in Pakistan profitable and sustainable. BaKhabar Kissan focuses on providing personalized advisory services using a variety of interactive communication channels. Farmers and other stakeholders in the agricultural value chains can easily subscribe to BaKhabar Kissan by dialing 0303-030-0000 or by sending a text message to 0303-030-0000

To ensure that the advisory services are personalized, BaKhabar Kissan maintains a database of registered farmers with information on their location, size of landholding, cropping pattern, livestock, past interaction, preferred language, etc.

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

    Based on the caller’s profile a customized IVR menu is presented to the caller in the caller’s preferred language. The IVR supports, Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto, Hindko, Seraiki and Sindhi. The IVR focuses on providing information on frequently asked questions covering the entire lifecycle of crops, fruits, vegetables, livestock. In addition, information on weather and market rates is also provided.

    To avail this service, dial 03030300000



  • Call Center

    If the caller is unable to get the required information on the IVR, the caller can choose to talk to BaKhabar Kissan’s agriculture experts. All the call center agents are graduates of agricultural universities with their collective expertise covering all areas of agriculture. The call center can handle calls in multiple languages.

    To talk to our experts, dial 03030300000



  • Text Messaging and Voice Messaging (SMS & VMS)

    SMS and VMS are primarily used to send out weather information and disaster alerts. SMS and VMS are also used for disseminating targeted advisories. SMS can also be used in pull mode. In the pull mode the user initiates a menu driven text conversation with the BaKhabar Kissan system to get up to date information on a variety of topics related to Agriculture.

    To avail this service, send SUB to 03030300000



  • Mobile Application

    The mobile application provides location based weather information, written content on crops, fruits, vegetables, livestock, modern farming techniques, etc. The content is written in English and Urdu, but the content is linked to voice translation and can be played back in 6 languages. Two interesting features offered through the mobile application are:

    Satellite Imagery: Farmers can mark their farm boundaries on a map. The mobile application then gets Vegetation Index graded images from LandSat and Sentinel satellites. The images are then used to develop farm specific advisory services.





    Photo Analysis: Farmers can take pictures of their crops / fruits / vegetables / livestock and upload them for analysis by our experts. The experts provide specific advice on what action to take to restore the plants or livestock to health.

    The mobile application can be downloaded from:



  • YouTube Channel

    BaKhabar Kissan records instructional videos for farmers and other stakeholders in the agriculture. These videos are accessible via BaKhabar Kissan’s YouTube channel at:

    The BaKhabar Kissan website is accessible at

    To subscribe to BaKhabar Kissan services, dial 0303-030-0000