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Recognizing the power of digitalization and understanding the banking needs of tech-savvy youth, Allied Bank has introduced its first Self-Service branch at LUMS, which offers full-scale, rapid, secure and hassle-free banking services with superior customer experience. This means that it enables you to carry out a variety of transactions on your own, making it easier and decentralized.

Allied Bank’s Self-Service branch is the bedrock to its digital transformation strategy which expands its innovative approach towards the processes, products, and services it has been offering. The major objective of this initiative is to provide seamless customer experience, empowering you to meet your day to day banking needs, with much ease and convenience.

Account Opening is now extremely simple with the use of our advanced technology. Because you can open an account on a Tablet and get the Debit Card issued instantly to proceed with transactions in a matter of minutes.

We have introduced a whole new world of banking experience which allows you to become a teller on your own which means any transaction that can be performed at a teller line is now replaced by our cutting-edge technology in Allied Bank’s Self-Service Branch.

Instant Asaan Account Opening
Instant Debit Card Issuance
Cheque & Cash Deposit Machine
Banking transactions through the state-of-the-art Interactive Teller Machine
Cash Withdrawal/Deposit
Cheque Deposit
Funds Transfer
Bill Payments
Cheque Book Request
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