myABL Business

myABL Business is Allied Bank’s internet banking service exclusively designed and developed for Business and Institutional Customers. ABL is, one of the few banks in Pakistan, offering a mobile banking app for business clients to perform transactions on the go.

myABL Business facilitates customers to perform a variety of financial transactions including Bulk Salary disbursement, Bulk Vendor / Supplier Payments, Bill payments, Stop Payments, Taxes/duties payments, Bulk Cheque printing, and many more. Business users will be able to get complete account details, transaction details, cheque status inquiries and much more on their Mobile App or workstations / offices without having the need to visit any branch.

Visit or Download myABL Business App from the respective app stores (Google Play/App Store)

myABL Business - Google Play StoremyABL Business - App Store

  • Key Features

    Our myABL Business platform is empowered with the following online banking features:

    Bulk Transactions:

    • Bulk Payments (Funds Transfer to Accounts within ABL)
    • Bulk Payments (Inter Bank Funds Transfer)
    • Bulk Payments (through Cash via ABL Branches)
    • Bulk Cheque Printing

    Trade Finance

    • Issuance of LC
    • Export under LC
    • Export under Collection
    • Import on Open Account
    • Issuance of LC Amendment
    • Import Contract Registration
    • Import Contract Amendment
    • Advance Payment against Imports
    • Issuance of Bank Guarantees
    • Amendment of Bank Guarantees

    General Banking Transactions

    • Fund Transfers/Pay Anyone/Donations/Bill Payments
    • Account View, Dashboards, Widgets
    • Domestic and Foreign Collection Inquiry
    • Request Allied Bankers Cheque
    • Cheque Status Inquiry
    • Cheque Book Request
    • Term Deposit Booking and Amendments
    • Term Deposit Redemption (Premature)
    • Stop/Revoke Payments
    • Merchant Payments

  • Reasons Why You Should be Online with myABL Business

    • Transactions Management
      The solution offers a transaction limit utilization tool available to review the limits consumed so that subsequent transactions could be planned and managed accordingly.
    • Getting Right Information at Right Time
      Offers a single view of your account(s) linked with myABL Business so that you easily track online your account(s) and relationships with your bank. Get account activity or inquire about status of cheques issued.
    • Real-time Alerts
      myABL Business provides alerts for successful or unsuccessful transactions and also for transactions requiring approvals.
    • Real-time Information and Transactions
      You have the confidence and assurance that your transactions are completed with minimal time lags and that your balance information is up-to-date.
    • Customization and Security
      You can pre-set the information access, multi-level workflow-based approval process, and transaction authority for designated employees, for complete security.
    • Soft Token for OTP
      myABL Business requires One Time soft token PIN (OTP) as an additional layer of security. To generate OTP, the solution offers a soft token facility in the form of myABL Verify App that you would download to your  smartphone from Apple Store and Google Play Store. The use of soft token saves you from carrying an additional device (hard token) to generate OTP.
    • myABL Business App
      myABL Business users can access their accounts online by downloading the app on their smartphones.

  • Getting Started with myABL Business

    Follow these 4 steps to get going with myABL Business Internet Banking:

    1. To access myABL Business, you need to have a corporate account relationship with ABL.
    2. To register contact your RM and submit the signed registration form, along with required documents including Board Resolution. On registration, you will receive a User ID and Password on your registered Email ID.
    3. Download the “myABL Verify” app on your iOS & Android smartphone for generating soft token PIN which is required for logging and transactions
    4. Once a soft token is generated successfully on myABL Verify App, you can start using myABL Business.

  • How to configure myABL Verify App?

    myABL Verify generates a soft token PIN on your device for Two-Factor authentication.

    1. Downloading and installing myABL Verify App
      Install the myABL Verify App from Google Play Store (Android) or Apple Store (iOS).
    1. Configuration of myABL Verify App
    • Make sure myABL Verify App is properly installed on your smartphone.
    • Enter myABL Business user name and password.
    • Set your 4-digit PIN.
    • A Soft Token will start appearing on myABL Verify App, which is required for logging in and performing transactions on myABL Business

  • Online Banking Guide
  • Let Us Create Value for Your Business

    Your ABL Relationship Manager is available whenever and wherever you’re ready to talk. Please get in-touch with your RM.

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