Allied Bank has continuously evolved itself over the years and adapted successfully to a rapidly changing business environment.

The Bank has seized numerous opportunities along the way and is ready to do it again without losing sight of strategic goals, balanced product mix, careful risk management and effective cost control measures.

Today Allied Bank stands as one of the Pakistan’s largest banks with a broader foot print, steady domestic market share and over 11,000 employees. The years have been punctuated with several milestones, some more important than others, but all helping to turn Allied Bank into a 21st century financial institution.

Performance/Financial Highlights (2018 vs 2017)
Total Assets – Rs.1,351 billion (2017: Rs.1,250 billion) Growth 8%
Total Deposits – Rs.984 billion (2017: Rs.884 billion) Growth 11%
Total Current Deposits – Rs. 364 billion (2017: Rs. 316 billion) Growth 15%
Total Investments – Rs.671 billion (2017: Rs.698 billion) Decline 4%
Total Advances – Rs.438 billion (2017: Rs.372 billion) Growth 18%
Total Equity (2017: Rs.107 billion) Rs. 107 billion
Non-Performing Loans – Rs.16 billion (2017: Rs.18 billion) Decline 11%
Profit After Taxation (2017: Rs12.7 billion) Rs. 12.9 billion
Return on Equity (2017: 17%) 16%
Earnings Per Share (2017: Rs. 11.12) Rs. 11.25

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