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A Debit Card gives you access to your money from your bank account while a Credit Card is a credit facility given by your bank.

Please activate your card from any Allied Bank ATM using biometric option or by calling our 24/7 Allied Phone Banking at 111-225-225 using prefix (042) or (021). You can also activate your card using myABL digital Banking .In case your card remains inactive for 90 days, it will be blocked permanently and you will be required to request for issuance of a replacement card. You can also activate your replaced or renewed card with myABL Digital Banking.

Your Allied Visa Classic Debit Card is accepted globally, therefore, you can access your bank account, get your groceries, dine at your favorite restaurants, enjoy shopping, travelling and a lot more!

Your Debit Card is powered by VISA, making it acceptable at millions of acceptance points worldwide. You can perform following transactions:

  • Retail Point of Sale (POS) transactions on Merchant outlets
  • Online/ecommerce Shopping
  • ABL ATM Services:
    • Cash Withdrawal
    • Balance Inquiry
    • Bill Payments
    • Donations
    • Cheque book request
    • Funds Transfer
    • Mini Statement
  • Other Bank’s ATM Services:
    • Cash Withdrawal
    • Balance Inquiry

Contactless cards use near field communication (NFC) for making secure payments. These cards require only close proximity (less than 2 inches) to NFC enabled POS machine/ ATM to complete a transaction. Contactless Debit card can be used without even removing it from your wallet.

To pay using your contactless feature, first look for the contactless symbol at POS or ATM.

Then tap your Card against the symbol  on the terminal until the light turns green.

You may be asked to enter your PIN for verification.

NOTE: Your card can also be used by dipping the chip or swiping the magnetic strip of your card on non NFC ATMs and POS machines.

Your contactless payment is indeed highly secure, and certainly much more secure than carrying cash. Visa contactless cards use secure chip technology so you can feel totally confident when you’re using it to pay.

Please see details on Allied Visa Classic Debit Card page available on ABL Corporate Website

In case of loss, theft, damage or if you suspect that your Card has been used fraudulently, immediately call Allied Phone Banking at (021) or (042) 111-225-225 within Pakistan or +9221-35301094 from outside Pakistan. You can also block your debit card using myABL digital banking.

Never share your debit card PIN with anyone and ensure to input it secretly at POS terminal so that no one can see it. For any assistance, please contact Allied Phone Banking at (021) or (042) 111-225-225.

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